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Woman mugged in Sunnyside Wednesday is latest victim in string of neighborhood robberies

A woman was attacked and robbed by a man in Sunnyside Wednesday night, Feb. 22 —  in what was the latest in a series of muggings in the neighborhood over the last two weeks (Photo: Google Maps)

Feb. 23, 2023 By Michael Dorgan

A woman was attacked and robbed by a man in Sunnyside Wednesday night, Feb. 22  in what was the latest in a series of muggings in the neighborhood over the last two weeks.

The victim, 28, was approached by the unidentified suspect in the vicinity of 44th Street and 47th Avenue at around 10:50 p.m., according to authorities. The suspect proceeded to grab her bag and strike her with an object before stealing her bag and fleeing the scene southbound on 46th Street, the NYPD said.

The woman’s bag contained her cell phone, according to authorities.

The victim suffered minor injuries.

The suspect is described as having a dark complexion, is believed to be approximately 30 years of age and is about 5 feet 10 inches tall. He has short black hair, black eyes and weighs about 160 pounds, police said. He was last seen wearing a black jacket, a white hat and white shoes.

There are no arrests and the investigation remains ongoing, police said.

The Feb. 22 mugging follows a spate of similar incidents in the Woodside/Sunnyside neighborhood recently.

The crime spree started with the attack on a longtime Sunnyside resident in the early hours of Feb. 12. The victim was beaten and robbed by three suspects while walking home from work early along 44th Street between Skillman and Barnett Ave.

Two men were mugged on 44th Street, between Skillman Avenue and Barnett Avenue, recently (Photo: Google Maps)

It was followed by the mugging of a 40-year-old victim on Bliss Street, between Skillman Avenue and 39th Avenue on Feb. 15.

Then, on Friday morning, Feb. 17, a 41-year-old man was attacked and mugged by four suspects dressed in black ski masks and hoodies while on the corner of Barnett Avenue and 43rd Street.

And two days ago, on Feb. 21, two men were robbed at gunpoint in two separate incidents — one in Sunnyside and the other in Woodside.

The spike in muggings led City Council member Julie Won to take to social media Tuesday, Feb. 21, and urge residents to be cautious when outside at night.

“Please be vigilant — walk in groups when possible and avoid walking alone late at night unless absolutely necessary,” Won wrote.

The lawmaker — who represents the 26th Council district that covers Sunnyside and Woodside — said that in light of the crimes, the 108th Precinct has increased its patrol of the area with extra marked and unmarked vehicles, as well as boots on the ground.

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Concerned Citizen

El Salvador figured out how to implement the only justice system that has a 100 percent effective rate. El Salvador should be the world’s example on how to do criminal justice right. the citizens of El Salvador have never felt safer. Leftist will not acknowledge is because they can’t put a “white supremacy” or “over-policed” narrative on it since El Salvador is 99.99% POC .


Why no One say about cars with plates from other city’s and we pay alot for New York plates and we have no parking……..
Can someone so something…

pizza rat

You can’t blame all the uptick in crimes on only our city council. People need to take some personal responsibility. To start, be aware of your surroundings… especially during early and later hours and don’t wear headphones with music blasting. I run early mornings/later evenings and I never wear headphones for this reason.

Atticus Finch

Sorry–this is nonsense. This uptick is entirely due to ridiculous bail reform laws that have emboldened criminals.

Your suggestion puts the criminals in charge (as do those idiotic laws).

Horace B.

If the police rode bikes around the neighborhood instead of just cruising through behind their car windshields, this wouldn’t be happening!

Brandon Magoo

first you progressives wanted to defund and ban all cops, an now you’re changing your tune. oh well, thankfully, it’s too late for that. i hope they dont even investigate. enjoy the crime you voted for.

Sunnyside resident

I would like to thank mayor adams and julie won. I’m trying to buy an apartment in the neighborhoods and i need these prices to go down

lucky number 7 train

I don’t sit on any side of the aisle but I can’t help but feel over time there has been some policies that have been slowly increasing crime. Ie. ending stop and frisk, bail reform, legalizing weed, mandatory 1 to 3 year prison sentence for an illegal gun, close rikers movement, end gang data base, defund the police movement demoralizing the police so many took early retirement or transfered to other areas leaving they police less experienced. Young people not wanting to join with such hatred against the force. Police are frustrated with catch and release why bother. Stand down, in a way I can’t blame them. I hope things change I don’t want them to fall back to the way it was in the 80s.that sucked. We catch a recession and they will get worse before they get better.


Julie Won loves criminals and stated when she ran for office, that she WOULD REJECT POLICE SUPPORT. Now she says that people should go out “in groups”. Good luck with that! She is another criminal lover as is the Kim woman who wants to run against her.

Gullible liberals think men can get pregnant.

There is a large NYPD camera box on the lamppost at that corner closest to the supermarket. Perhaps the police should check the video. Just a suggestion.


Our Council Representative, Julie Won, has formally stated this week that she is still for defunding NYC Police after two weeks of attacks on her voters. Truly Unbelievable!

old as dirt

they might have leaned too far right paul? what i want to know is why we cant see up or down votes one better idea of what neighbors think

Madd Donna

It’s her sick and twisted pro-criminal policies that allow this to happen. Her solution is to try to walk in groups or not go out alone at night at all?? VOTE HER OUT!!


We have a police department the size of some european armies and the budget to match it. Maybe the problem lies inside the commisioners office and not the local council member.


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