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Man mugged by four suspects wearing ski masks in Sunnyside: NYPD

A man was mugged in Sunnyside by four suspects dressed in black ski masks and hoodies. It is the third attack to take place in the neighborhood in a five-day span.

Feb. 20, 2023 By Michael Dorgan

A man was mugged in Sunnyside overnight last week by four suspects dressed in black ski masks and hoodies. The attack is the third to take place in the neighborhood within a five-day span.

The victim, 41, was approached by four men and pushed to the ground while on the corner of Barnett Avenue and 43rd Street just after midnight on Friday morning, Feb. 17, according to police.

The suspects then struck the victim in the head before stealing his cell phone and $100 cash, the NYPD said.

The assailants then fled eastbound on Barnett Avenue, cops said.

Police said the victim suffered substantial pain, but was not hospitalized.

No arrests have been made and the investigation remains ongoing, police said.

The incident marks the third attack in the area in five days.

Less than 48 hours earlier a 40-year-old man was hit in the face and thrown to the ground by a suspect in front of a house on Bliss Street, between Skillman Avenue and 39th Avenue (Photo: Google Maps)

Less than 48 hours earlier, on Wednesday morning, Feb. 15, a 40-year-old man was hit in the face and thrown to the ground by a suspect about three blocks away in front of a house on Bliss Street, between Skillman Avenue and 39th Avenue.

And on Sunday, Feb. 12, at around 2:10 a.m., a longtime Sunnyside resident, was beaten and robbed by three suspects while walking along 44th Street between Skillman and Barnett Ave., according to police.

The 62-year-old victim was walking home from work when was smacked in the face and pushed to the ground. The alleged perpetrators then stole his backpack and fled the scene in an unknown direction, the NYPD said.

Police did not say whether the three incidents are related.

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At this point, we the people have to take the steps necessary to remove the clearly corrupt leaders of this city, in all aspects of government and leadership. Their policies have proven to be harmful to NYC residents and it is continually getting worse. The corruption is deep and now blatantly obvious. It won’t end until we the people will it to end. Reach out to your representatives and start demanding that they do their job or be removed from office for failing the people.

When theory hits trouble

They say a liberal is a conservative who hasn’t been mugged. This is the point where voting progressive meets fear of walking down the street. So do we racially profile and let the cops do whatever they need to do to keep the nice neighborhoods safe? Is this a spike due to a post Covid economy that will go away when the economy improves (it will, it’s called a cycle for a reason) and when kids who started Universal Pre-K become teenagers and statistically have better options because of education? No idea. This is not easy. I think about carrying pepper spray. Also, “Defund the Police” is just an example of horrific branding, or getting owned by the opposition. The right term is “reallocate police funding”. Maybe reallocate is too big a word?

Allow me to retort.

I recall the post George Floyd period very well and many democrats were quite literally in favor of defunding the police and seriously believed more social workers were what we needed. They were showing their true radical colors at the time. If the branding was horrific, it’s because their proposals were horrific. They only back peddled because they realized that some ideas are too whackey even for average democrats.

Atticus Finch

This is getting redundant: YOU VOTED FOR THIS.

20% of Americans now live in an area where there is a Soros-backed DA. NYC is one of them.

Guess what: Crime is skyrocketing in all of those locations, all of which are deeply blue.


I must have missed the “more crime please” ballot measure last year.

Ooo, a Soros reference, I better go get my fascist propaganda bingo card.

Not surprised, ya bunch of dummies.

What you did vote for is a DA that is not prosecuting crimes, leaving criminals out on the streets to commit more crimes.

Sunny Sunnnysider

Why do Republican strongholds like Florida, Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas have much higher crime rates than New York? The rural crime rate in these states are even higher than urban crime. Please explain, did they vote for it too?


Ah, so there wasn’t a ballot measure where voters could request more crime, got it.

Instead it was 100~ ballots that gave Katz the edge in the primary, who then crushed Murray county-wide.

So if you don’t like it, and want someone other than Katz (which 60.4% of all primary voters would have preferred) then make sure to vote this summer.


Any description of any of the instances? Surely one person can say what they looked like so we know who the be on the look out for


Three, possibly now four occurrences in a week surely calls for a response of some sort by the 108th. Bare minimum should be a pair of officers walking the beat in the Northwest corner of the Gardens for a few nights IMO.

That said, being vigilant is likely the best option. Eyes up, ears open, if something doesn’t feel right alter your route.


This neighborhood is overrun by poor immigrants. It’s amazing there isn’t more crime. We need more diversity in this neighborhood. More middle class people of European descent.

Fun times in beautiful Sunnyside

Sunnyside hearts crime!!! Thats why we voted for Hochul! Yeah, keep emptying the prisons and filling up our hotels with drug addicts ex cons!

ozzy ellis

This never happened until the homeless shelters (Hotels) opened – we need them gone and more police patrols

Getting Tired of this Crap

There are four homeless sheters on the other side of Queens Blvd. 3 for single men, 1 for so called families. Opened in 2022. The Days Inn on Queens Blvd has been used as a homeless shelter for over ten years. This is why the Rite Aid on Greenpoint Avenue and 46th Street closed down. Look at what HRA and Dept of Homeless Services considers a single man to be placed in that shelter. Must not be white…. must have a criminal record… must have documented mental health issues. What could possibly go wrong? The Shock Troops coming to a neighborhood near you. The Shock Troops messing up your day and your life.


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