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Longtime Sunnyside resident robbed on way home from work: NYPD

A longtime Sunnyside resident was beaten and robbed by three suspects while walking home from work early Sunday (Photo: Google Maps)

Feb. 14, 2023 By Michael Dorgan

A longtime Sunnyside resident was beaten and robbed by three suspects while walking home from work early Sunday morning, Feb. 12.

The 62-year-old victim, who has lived in the neighborhood for more than 30 years and wishes to remain anonymous, was walking along 44th Street between Skillman and Barnett Ave. when three unidentified suspects approached him from behind and attacked him at around 2:10 a.m., according to police.

The victim was smacked in the face and pushed to the ground by the assailants when he was outside 39-37 44th St., cops said.

The alleged preparators then stole his backpack and fled the scene in an unknown direction, the NYPD said.

The victim suffered a bloody nose as well as heavy facial bruising and swelling. He also has scrapes on his knees from hitting the ground, according to his daughter who contacted the Queens/Sunnyside Post.

“We are all shocked and scared,” his daughter said.

The victim was smacked in the face and pushed to the ground by the assailants when he was outside 39-37 44th St., cops said. (Photo: Google Maps)

The victim’s bag contained his phone, cash, credit cards, and his driver’s license, she said.

He had just finished his shift working at a local restaurant on Queens Boulevard when he was attacked, the man’s daughter said.

She said the three suspects had followed him from the corner of Skillman Avenue and 44th Street before attacking him from behind.

It is the first time he has been involved in such an incident while living in Sunnyside, she said.

“He is very shaken of course but is doing better than we had hoped,” she said.

“[The incident] has me wondering how we can make the streets safer for Sunnyside residents.”
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Sunnyside for Whitestone

Glad we left 45st/skillman in 1984 as the area began to show its cracks even back then. Was happy to see Sunnyside have a resurgence during Rudy’s years but clearly its headed back to the late 80s/early 90s.

Chloe Parker

Where are the police??? When I was at the Defund the Police rally I seen dozens of them. Police are not needed as we didn’t have any where I’m from, Haystack, Ohio!!!

Lidia Baicu

I am a victim of a children’s attack , my front door glass was broken in fall , the gang kept coming back and sprayed the glass left unbroken on my front door . Police was called two times but I never got to hear from them ever since the incidents happened.


I suspect the perps on their bikes and used “Bike Boulevard” for there daring escape. What a complete waste of funding, bike boulevard is a eye sore to any true native of sunnyside. Yes, lets rezone this stretch of road for the 10 so bicyclist that use it on a daily bases.

Another one!!!!!!!!

Just an FYI — happened again this morning on 46th street between 39th Ave and Skillman Avenue……………they are clearly targeting backpacks! be vigilant and careful!!!!!!!!!!!

2nd time in weeks

2nd time I heard this happening between 39th ave and Skillman. Last Time they stole the guys phone, house keys and wallet. He obviously can’t report to the cops since they Had his id and access to his home.

Gardens Watcher

Terrible attack. Hope the victim makes a speedy recovery. And that the NYPD catches these thugs ASAP.


And Julie Won, our neighborhood councilperson, is for less consequences for criminals. We really need to vote for someone else to represent the law abiding residents of Sunnyside, Woodside, and LIC at the next election.

LIC Direct

And the question is? The description of the perpetrators at least give us that when reporting. Were they white?were they Asian, South Asians? Or where they Latino and/or Black or both?,…….tell us!!!! Report and give us the whole story how can we help the police of suspicious activities if not reporting all the facts. So when we get off the subway and walk home after 1 am from work we won’t become another victim. When we see three guys hanging around who fit the description of the three criminals who jumped this poor man, we can take additional and necessary precautions. Report the facts. Why is the sunnyside post afraid of? Seems tide has turned and we became the sh*t hole neighborhood, city and country.

Concerned Sunnysider

Poor guy. Just trying to do his job and make a living and he has to deal with this BS. I hope he is doing better and they catch these losers!!!!!!

Ricky H. Bathmat

I would give your comment a thumbs up but looks like the counting apparatus doesn’t work anymore. You sound like a good person to have around. I want your phone number.

Gary Wedow

This is horrible, a hard working person coming home from work in a ‘safe’ neighborhood! I hope they catch these perps. Stepping up vigilance, and reaching out to neighbors. Sunnyside is stronger than these low lifes.


Absolutely. Until the population of New York takes action to bombard their state representatives in Albany every day to revoke cash bail reform laws, this will continue to get worse.


This is what people voted for, a governor that spent her campaign more focused on abortion rights and election deniers, than the crime in the city.


They would be freed with no bail because that’s what the voters of Sunnyside want. How else to explain the three way race between Sunnyside, Astoria and LIC to elect the most left wing politicians they can find (Astoria’s clearly still winning though).


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