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13-Story Building Planned to Go Up on Roosevelt Avenue, Multiple Stores Likely to be Demolished

The 13-story development planned for Roosevelt Avenue in Woodside (Rendering)

June 25, 2020 By Christian Murray

A developer plans to demolish at least eight stores on Roosevelt Avenue in Woodside and replace them with a 13-story, 213-unit apartment complex.

Woodside 63 Management LLC., which is led by the Astoria-based real estate firm EJ Stevens Group, is looking to develop a 210,000 square foot building on the south side of Roosevelt Avenue between 62nd and 63rd Streets.

The development would require the demolition of approximately 10 stores–from 62-02 through 62-26 Roosevelt Ave. The properties are currently occupied by an eclectic array of businesses– including a carpet store, laundromat, furniture store, restaurant, barber shop and 99 cent store.

The lots (62-02 through 62-26 Roosevelt Ave.) where the proposed development would go up. All the stores on these lots would be demolished.

The developers presented the plans to Community Board 2’s Land Use Committee last week and seek to get the block rezoned in order to move forward with the plan. They need the zone changed from a R6 and R6/C1-4 district– to a C4-4 district.

The 13-story building would also incorporate retail and office space—as well as space for non-profit arts groups.

The ground floor would be dedicated to retail, with office space on the second floor. The apartment units would be on floors three through 13. The plans call for 64 of the 213 dwelling units to be “affordable.”

The lower level space would for a fitness center and non profit groups. The sub-cellar would include 156 parking spaces, accessible from 63rd Street.

Stores that would be bulldozed to make way for development (Queens Post)

The developers, according to CB 2 Chair Lisa Deller, are looking to start the ULURP rezoning process later this year. The process typically takes six to eight months and requires community board review and a number of public hearings. The City Planning Commission and the Borough President also get to weigh in.

The approval, however, is ultimately determined by the city council, particularly the council person representing the district where the development is planned. Council Member Jimmy Van Bramer, who represents this section of Roosevelt Avenue, did not respond for comment.

Deller said the developers say that the building would beautify the area and provide much needed affordable housing.

Deller, who is also head of the board’s Land Use Committee, said a big concern for the board is the size of the development and how it might overwhelm neighboring residential buildings. The proposed building, she said, is particularly large for that area of Roosevelt Avenue.

The developers, as part of a rezoning, are required by the city to provide affordable housing. They have four options to meet the city requirements, which pertain to the number of affordable units offered and income range.

Deller said the developers seek to set aside 30 percent of the 213 units– or 64 units– at 80 percent of the area median income level, which equates to around $62,000 for a family of three.

Deller said the Land Use Committee believes the 80 percent level is too high for the area and wants the affordable units to be offered at a lower income bracket.

For instance, the developers would be able to meet the city’s affordable housing requirement by setting aside 20 percent of the units as “affordable” but at a much lower income level.

The income level, under this option, would be set at 40 percent of the area median income, or around $31,000 a year for a household of three.

A representative of Woodside 63 Management LLC was unavailable to provide further details.

Stores likely to be demolished to make way for development (Queen Post)

Stores likely to be Bulldozed to make way for development (Queens Post)


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Dietmar Detering

Wow, how everyone has an opinion. Out of character! Not “really” affordable! Everyone is so corrupt! I am happy someone is having the guts to invest and build something new in our borough. That’s how we can welcome more people to participate in our hopefully growing and prosperous urban economy, and this is the way how we revive our economy after covid in the first place! (I do, however, resent the circus of having to file, with who-knows how much in legal etc. expenses, for zoning “lifts” in exchange for some bla-bla affordability designation of a few apartments. We just need more housing and economic activity, not some more housing and some more activity plus a lot more bureaucracy.


A well placed donation to the CB2 local politician’s war chest, a free, all expense paid vacation to Punta Cana to the right people, and delivery of a brown paper bag full of $$$$ and the project will get done, they might even let you Mr. Developer put one more floor 14 storey’s tall. Just reach out to the right people Mr. Developer, not a problem not a problem at t’all.

Why shouldn't we trust billionaire developers like Trump?

Our billionaire president is a champion of the middle class. Besides wiping out the economy and all the jobs, he’s doing great. You’re criticizing him for that?!


yeah, thats not a good area. nothing like hearing the 7 train screeching wheels every 5 minutes every night. good luck getting any sleep. LOL

Lori Connell

A building that large is out of character for the neighborhood, and when is truly affordable housing ever Actually part of the deal, instead of a bait and switch? If it provides underneath parking for the residents, maybe, but without that we’ll just be crowding an already congested area. Give us back our bus routes and maybe we’ll consider it.


Please nobody wants this. There are so many residential high rises, on Queens Boulevard. This is just a misguided attempt to help the community and beautifying what? Are they saying that somehow small business is ugly to the community?


Hell’s to the no! Beautiful in the area? My ass. Affordable? I call B.S. Hell’s No!

Keep your buildings in the city.


Oh I see it now! The sham has started, they shout More affordable housing! Set aside 40% of the housing units at $31,000 area medium income levels, but this same sunnyside land use committee group squashed the Not for Profit Phipps Organization affordable housing project on Barnett Av some yrs ago saying Not in my backyard!!! Its a dog and pony show.
Let the digging begin… Mr. Developer if you play your cards right they’ll rubber stamp this little project in the district in no time and give you what you want. It’s the same gang as always, RE interests, local politicians, attorneys, who would meet at Dazies in Sunnyside the private room in the back, all friends, members of the Land Useless Committee… recently elevated to a higher position, all that influence, now wearing two hats, it has be a conflict of interest to be a well connected Real Estate Asset Management financial professional, CB2 Chair and Chair of the Land Use Commitee overseeing construction projects and approval of these same projects in the district. Something not right with this picture. But not a problem, not a problem at t’ all in this district.

Agreed, we can't trust these billionaires that build luxury condos

I mean except for Trump right?


I grew up going to Mod barbershop (the ern had long disappeared from the sign). Those guy’s cut the hair of a couple of generations of Woodsiders; the epitome of hard workers. That being said, as the article is written, is it safe to assume that any developer who wants to build can simply request a rezoning and therefore, force those businesses out? I get the gov’t can do that but a local developer?


not a good idea owners of those stores work hard to make a living
not a good time to force them out


Democrat state ,Democrat city and Democrat neighborhood and this is what the do to us.


Carbie Barbie go back to Vermont or wherever you came from.STOP GENTRIFICATION NOW.

Carbie Barbie

Lifelong New Yorker, friend. I’m sorry to say that if you think the GOP is a friend of the working class, you really aren’t paying attention.

Luke Adams's Enlightened Ghost

Carbie Barbie
If you assert that Robert Reich is a credible source on Trump’s relationship to the working class, you are either a fool or an operative.

Trump wiped out all the jobs

Sorry, the maga people can’t explain this one away 😂

That's interesting...


And he made it possible for all y’all Dems on public assistance to get money for nothing and your checks for free!


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