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Woodside woman goes missing after leaving Elmhurst Hospital, police say

Elmhurst General Hospital

March 8, 2017 Staff Report

Police are searching for a Woodside woman who went missing after leaving Elmhurst Hospital yesterday.

According to police, 18-year-old Arely Enriquez was last seen around 3:45 p.m. Tuesday exiting the 79-01 Broadway hospital.

Enriquez resides at 53-05 Queens Boulevard, which is the location of the Quality Inn hotel, which was converted to a homeless shelter last year.

She is described as a brown haired, blue eyed Hispanic woman with a heavy build, standing 5 feet 6 inches tall and weight 200 pounds. She was last seen wearing a black jacket, a black Chicago Bulls hat and blue jeans.

Police have released a photo of Enriquez, and anyone with information in regards to the missing person is asked to call the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers Hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477).

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@Angela,@Taylor: You’re absolutely right about Republicans lacking in details and knowledge.DAB is another great example of the easily manipulated lazy minded idiots who think repeating talking points in a conversation is an actual debate or discussion of the fact. Just keep repeating something will magically make it true.

Sunnyside Sam

But the fact of the matter that’s how societies work. He who speaks loudest and most often shapes history. WMD was repeated incessantly. Hillary Clinton has been attacked with unsubstantiated accusations for a couple of generations. I can give you multiple examples only in the last 30 years. This is what the current admin is trying to do. Paint a contrived reality, and continue to do so until society accepts it or is just plain fatigued at all the lies. It’s already happening, and that’s another way how Putin involved himself in US elections. His PutinBots were all over the internet and forums painting the picture he wanted. He created conflict between Clinton and Sanders during the primary with the spread of Sanders progressivism, therefore dividing the democratic party. Then attacked the democratic servers, and hired others to create and spread fake news.

This is why we need the press more than ever.


Oh shut up you jerk, you must be a minority thats why you throw the race card out there. Obamacare failed miserably thats why, it has nothing to do with race. I didnt vote for obama but he was our president and i respect him for that, he just wasnt a very good president . He made a disaster of health care. Probably worst president since carter. Your a clown , dont you have a circus to perform in.


-anonymous- Please provide some supporting details behind your empty fact free Fox News Republican propaganda fueled rant . At least the above commenter provided some successful components of the ACA with detail. You’re a great example of the easily manipulated lazy minded idiots who think repeating talking points in a conversation is an actual debate or discussion of the fact. Oh by the way, a jerk who doesn’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re” has no business calling anyone a jerk or clown.I guess that’s why you choose to remain anonymous.

John John

@Angela That anonymous simpleton doesn’t even know when to use a question mark. Republican the party of the stupid as said by Bobby Jindal, a Republican Governor. LOL

Why did Trump bring Sara Palin to Familiar Pizza

anonymous- You sound like a typical angry racist Republican who targeted the ACA because it was implemented by a black man. 30 Million more people covered, kids stay on policies until they’re 26, The multi-state plan program was created under the Affordable Care Act to provide an additional coverage option for travelers in the Health Insurance Marketplace. … This is the same agency that administers the health plan for federal government employees. No more preexisting condition exclusions. Yeah the ACA sounds terrible. hahahaha You’re a racist fool.

Trump's Inadequate Tiny Hands

You probably think the ACA is different than Obamacare. I hope you get diagnosed with a terminal disease and your family becomes bankrupt as a result. I hope the same thing for conservative republicans who are hellbent on punishing the poor and don’t believe in community. They have created the most selfish and intolerant society in the world.


Yeah idiot, thank god tens of millions of working Americans will lose their health insurance under the new Republican health care initiative according to the CBO. The emergency room crisis that was finally resolved by the ACA will be back in full force again. Republican policy is turning America into a third world nation.


We who have been paying into Medicare and supplemental insurance policies for years and years are being denied medical coverage for surgeries and illnesses!. Medicare does not pay for many illnesses! If Medicare does not pay, supplemental insurance does not pay. Look at what is happening to Ed Kranespool (NY Mets). He has to sell his ring so he can have kidney surgery! Then look into the Honduran Zika anchor baby born in Hackensack, NJ hospital. Mother came to US knowing she would have a Zika baby. Mother knew she would get the best care here, for herself and baby. This mother and child has cost taxpayers nearly a million dollars! Additional millions in future. She hasn’t paid a cent in taxes! I am all for everyone having access to great health care, but how is this just ? This entire “health care” situation is a disgrace!. I know seniors who have to choose between eating and taking their meds as prescribed.

Vote him out people,jvb too

More Millions of dollars going into homeless shelters this year thanks to the mayor and his minions. Remember this at the next election

Like Coffee and Sandwiches

This article is written without any mention of why this woman need be found except for a “crimestoppers” phone number. Did she skip out on her bill? Steal a kidney?


Jimmy Van Bramer knew all about this becoming a homeless shelter since last May of 2016 and did absolutely nothing about it — my tax dollars at work and more are popping up on queens boulevard

Woodside Resident

Stay on the topic. This isnt an article about Quality Inn being a homeless shelter.

Organized Religion and Aural Sects

I wonder who is paying her hospital bill. Let me guess. All of you with a job who pay taxes and your own medical insurance.

She’s 18, let her run off if she wants.


Sure, maybe we should abolish the health care for the poor, what do you think? Let the poor die? That should be your new username.

Oil, beef, hooked

Let’s take care of war vets and people who work and pay taxes first. They should be at the front of the line.

Why did Trump bring Palin to Famiglia Pizza

Oil- America loves it vets and rewards them with socialized medical. The VA is socialized medicine. Most senior citizens don’t work, they should go without health care as well? Why should healthcare be tied to a job? Health Insurance is an investment (middleman) to protect the policy holder from financial harm and to grant the policy holder access to medical goods and services and should be sold on the open market. The only problem is the one way insurance companies make a profit is by denying policy holders access to goods and services. Medical goods and services should be bought and sold just like any other goods and service in free market society. You sound like an idiot stuck in a loop.


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