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Woodside Man Allegedly Stashed Hoards of Marijuana, THC in Queens Storage Facility: DA

Jan. 10, 2019 By Nathaly Pesantez

A Woodside man has been charged with criminal possession of marijuana, THC, and other illegal substances that he allegedly stashed in large quantities inside a College Point warehouse, according to the Queens District Attorney’s office.

Phillip Kim, a 35-year-old resident of 61st Street, now faces up to eight years in prison after authorities intercepted a shipment last week heading to City Closet Storage on 129th Street and uncovered roughly 400 bags of marijuana and 30,000 vials of THC.

NYPD Narcotics detectives first intercepted four shipping pallets from a Brooklyn location on Jan. 4, which consisted of a large vacuum sealed bag and smaller boxes with vials of an unknown substance.

Using canines and a search warrant, the substances, which were marked for delivery to the Queens location, were determined to be marijuana and THC.

City Closet Storage at 20-20 129th St. (Google Maps)

The detectives then repackaged the shipment and delivered it to the College Point storage site on Jan. 7. They also called a phone number listed on the packing slip, with the person on the other line stating that someone would be at the site to pick up the parcels.

Kim, according to authorities, showed up to the site and accepted the shipment, despite noticing a difference in the package’s appearance and the size of the truck used for delivery.

Investigators then took a deeper dive into the shipment they had delivered to the warehouse, and observed approximately 392 bags of weed and 300 shrink wrapped cartons with 100 vials each of THC—bringing the number of vials in Kim’s possession to 30,000.

“An unsuspecting late night visit by police armed with a court-authorized search warrant led to the arrest of a Queens man on drug charges and the seizure of large amounts of marijuana and THC – an extract or synthetic form of marijuana,” said Richard Brown, Queens District Attorney, in a statement. “Let this be a warning to all those who deal drugs in Queens, that you will be caught and you will be prosecuted.”

Kim faces charges of first-degree criminal possession of marijuana and fifth-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance. He was granted supervised release, and is due back in court on Feb. 20.

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First please find all the rapist do your job and stop waisting in on nonsense so what people smoke marijuana atleast they not doing crack and killing their self no but you people we can never come to conclusions cause thats what they want but sorry queens smoke weed while Manhattan injected there self with heroin and killing out their poor life


waste of resources and money. what did he do, prevent people from baking pies and eating too many donuts? Hey, put that coca cola down son, that heroin will help you kick the added pounds from all your stonerish gluttony.


I for one hate having stoners all over the community. Thank you for arresting one dealer, anyway.

Johnny Cheeks

Snooze…get the heroin off the streets and you’ll get my support.

It is not a gateway drug either, have been smoking pot for 30yrs and never wanted to shoot heroin or smoke crack, I get up everyday for work and pay all my bills.

Whoopee, you busted someone for something that will be legal in a few years if not sooner. Put these resources toward the drugs that are destroying communities and families.

Realistic Person

This is just so pointless, who cares. Keeping people from their actually healthy medicine that New York just refuses to legalize, but let’s doctors run legal more harmful pharmaceutical drug transactions every single day. There’s human trafficking and a million other worse things I can think of that the police can deal with. Legalize all drugs already with no boundaries, New York be the first. Stop holding us back in the country and being part of the problem. And let this guy go drop the charges, he’s helping more ppl than hurting. Thank god Richard Brown stepping down, he’s completely irrelevant to modern times.


thats because all doctors are working girls for pharma p.i.m.p.s, more so in NYC than anywhere else.


I could not agree more. Legalization is the way to go. Treatment for addicts, not jail, fines, lawyers, and unaffordable court costs. It’s working in Portugal, and it will work here. Let the police patrol our neighborhoods looking for burglars and other actual criminals. This case represents an unconscionable waste of resources, time, and taxpayer money that could be better utilized hunting down rapists and violent felons.

Reality check

Great use of police resources. What is this 1975?
How about doing something about the shooting in the projects, sex predators assaulting women or the fact that people are dying from opioids every day! These jerks must feel very proud. What a waste.


The Prohibition is still alive and well. The idea of Liberty is no government will ever get rid of an individual’s want for something and another individual to provide. Whether its out in the open (taxed like liquor) or underground (cannabis, shrooms etc…) the individuals will persevere in whatever they want to do. Liberty will always belong to the individuals. Truth is running for office and approves this message.


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