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Woman Attacked with Acid-Like Substance on 43rd Avenue

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Aug. 20, 2015 Staff Report

A 59-year-old woman was seriously burned after a man threw a hazardous substance in her face near Sunnyside last night, according to police.

The woman was getting into her car at the corner of 43rd Avenue and 33rd Street at about 5:35 pm when the man approached her and tossed an unknown substance into her face, police said.

The victim was taken to Cornell Hospital with third-degree burns to the face. She is in stable condition.

The police said it is unclear what motivated the assault, adding that the victim did not know the attacker.

No arrests have been made.

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Was she a student from La Guardia Community College? Such an attack doesn’t seem random. Maybe abuser followed her after class.

Avoid the Noid

Yes, the 59 year old woman is probably a student at Laguardia college.

I suspect foul play.

Lucky Lu

It isn’t legal. I’m very concerned that you actually thought that it was legal. Nobody is allowed to throw acid on people, that’s at a minimum a violent battery, and possibly even attempted murder. What in the world made you think it was legal???

Linda Santini Tripodis

Since when is 33 street and 43 avenue, Sunnyside! It is not!!!!! Sunnyside starts on 39 and end on 48 street. If you google 33 street and 43 avenue it wil ls say it is Long Island City zip code 11101. Sunnyside zipcode is 11104…… This needs to be clarified that it did not happen in Sunnyside!!!!! 43rd Ave & 33rd St, Queens, NY 11101


I love to walk in the neighborhood but incidents like this make me think twice about walking alone in broad daylight. I have lived in the neighborhood most of my life. I never felt afraid. Sad!


I once saw a guy get mugged by three kids at 2pm on a Sunday, on the corner of 4th Street and Broadway. I was across the street, and by the time I realized anything was happening, they had all run off in different directions. You just never know.


time to take back our neighborhood from these creeps instead of tolerating and playing host to the beggers and homeless plaguing our community and parks. let’s all please stop giving these people money already, they’re like stray cats that come back for more in increased numbers.


I would bet the house that this was not a homeless person. and, just so you know, you’re talking about people who have nothing as if they’re feral cats. you’d certainly have to dehumanize people in order to think so little of them. didn’t realize how many bigots were in Sunnyside until I read this comment thread!

Some dude

I rode my bike pass this scene yesterday. I thought it was a car accident. The woman’s face was red and swollen. I assumed she must have hit her face on the windshield. I can’t believe this was an acid attack. I really hope they get this guy. So deranged.


Could you tell if she was asian? These types of attacks are common in southwest and southeast asia.


Well, I was outside my building Tuesday night and came out and ran off two strange guys who were up to no good. One of them was screaming obscenities at me because I was running them off. I took pics of them too. One of the guys went to punch me in the face not once, but twice. I called the cops and they paid me no mind at all. Ass holes. It wouldn’t surprise me if it was one of these guys. My spidey sense tingled as soon as I saw them.


thank you carl! we are all grateful for your exceptional bravery in standing up to these creeps who literally count on us to look the other way and not care. this America not some third world country where crime is out of control we stick together and look out for one another here.


This is horrible, hope she is ok and they catch the maggot. Apparently the burns she suffered were severe.


Reading this reminds me that the murder(s) of Lou Rispoli were never apprehended, a homicide which also occurred on 43rd Ave. at 41st St.

Avoid the Noid

Former Howard Stern news reporter, Steve Langford, reported on behalf of CBS news the attacker is a black man in his 30s.

Baba Booey Baba Booey.


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