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With exception of Van Bramer threat, no post-election hate crimes reported in 108 precinct

Capt. Travaglia

Deputy Inspector Travaglia

Dec. 1, 2016 By Christian Murray

There have been no post-election hate crimes reported in the 108 police precinct—which covers Long Island City, Sunnyside and Woodside—other than a threat made against Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer via e-mail while he was organizing an anti-Trump rally/march.

Deputy Inspector Jon Travalia, the commanding officer of the precinct, said Tuesday that “We have not seen any incidents other than the threat against the councilman.”

That threat came via E-mail on November 16 and the hate crimes task force was brought in to investigate. No arrests have been made at this time.

The threat came when other hate-related incidents were being reported to have taken place in Queens such as in Astoria and farther east.

The precinct continues to see a decline in the number of reported crimes, with crime for the year through November 20 down more than 5 percent compared to the same period a year ago.

The number of burglaries reported so far this year is down 30 percent, with 128 reported for the year through Nov. 20, compared to 185 for the same 10 ½ month period in 2015.

“Things are going in the absolute right direction,” Travaglia said at the 108 Community Council Meeting Tuesday. He said that the number of reported crimes is down 18 percent for the 10 ½ month period compared to two years ago.

In the past 28 days through November 20, the number of reported crimes dropped 30 percent compared to the same period a year ago.

Burglaries, felony assaults and robberies all experienced significant declines.

Travaglia did discuss an armed robbery that took place at the Sprint Store at 46-31 Greenpoint Avenue at around 12:30 pm on Sunday, November 20.sprintstore

He said that two perpetrators, who displayed a gun, took about 50 phones. Initial police reports said they took $3,500 cash and one phone.

Travaglia said the suspects are believed to have been involved in a number of robberies in Queens and Brooklyn, and the Queens robbery squad is working on the case.

He said that the two perpetrators most likely cased the store out before targeting it. He said that there were two young, small-framed women who were working at the store at the time and were most likely viewed as easy to overpower.

“These predators don’t want to face any sort of resistance.”

108 Precinct Crime Numbers by Queens Post on Scribd

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This is bullsihit more people are getting robbed on Greenpoint Ave since they opend up the homless shelter.

Preschool Teacher

You all seem disappointed that there was no violence. People are allowed to protest at the prospect of a President-Elect who has inspired hate crimes throughout the city, and who knows where else! Everyone has a short memory in this ‘news cycle.’ Ugh!

Milo Yiannopoulos

Jimmy had me convinced that hordes of hateful Trump supporters would be rampaging down Skillman Avenue beating up anyone not wearing a “Make America Great Again” baseball cap.

Fooled me again, I suppose.

Guess I’ll have to go back to worrying about the next ISIS attack; you know, real terrorists.

El loco

Does everyone realize this sleezy little creep is using the name of a far right racist fanatic?

Jimmy likes to throw blood in the water

Jimmyz pack of angry Hillary lovers scares me, Im scared to leave my home with my TRUMP hat! Im sure I will be attacked by an angry mob.

For a politician to incite hate towards one half of the voting public is terrible. Gotta agree w Jimmy or else.

Crystal Wolfe

Mr. Deputy Inspector John Travaglia continues to an amazing job as the gem of 108th Pct! We are very fortunate to have him! 🙂

108th Heros!!!!

An entire block of cars near my house were broken into the other night. This happens at least once a month near my house. Yeah 108th!


Were they foreign automobile? Maybe we can get it classified as a hate crime if they were broken into by Americans!

Pastor of Muppets

As I figured, JVB’s partisan-based, politically-motivated histrionics and fear mongering were just a cynical ploy for publicity.

Pearl Cream

Whatever respect I had for Jimmy has gone into the toilet. His fear mongering and pandering is over the top even for this insane election district. He and most of the NYC council are useless. He should go back to street-naming ceremonies.


So apparently these statistics just reflect you not having gotten around to carrying out your own hate crime in the neighborhood yet. Hopefully you’ll move away first.

Pastor of Muppets

Shall I provide you with links for recent Muslim terror attacks? The machete attack at OSU, the gay nightclub massacre in Orlando, Charlie Hebdo and Bataclan massacres in Paris, the truck attack in Nice, France, the San Bernadino shooting in California, the Brussels Airport bombing, the Syrian migrant rape epidemic across Europe, the Chelsea bombing attempt in Manhattan. The Fort Hood shootings. And need I remind you what happened on 9-11, 2001?

You really think that compares to a couple of drunk knuckleheads insulting someone on the subway?


@pastor of muppets Go back and reread your own post you embicile. My post is in response to what you posted. “As I figured, JVB’s partisan-based, politically-motivated histrionics and fear mongering were just a cynical ploy for publicity.” Nothing about Islamists extremist and there cowardly atrocities. My post is in direct rebuttal to the lies you posted. Stand by your post or just move on because your song and dance makes you look erratic.

Pearl Cream

Don’t bother: the Van Bramer supporters don’t care and they hate the USA for the most part.


Pearl cream is pastor of muppets, Rocky, Johnny with a small “j”,I am Spartacus and manny other posting handles. Many time reinforcing and responding to his very own posts in the very same comment stream. This guy is a twisted uninformed blowhard.

El loco

Hatred must stop from whatever ethnic group it comes. Hatred against Jews, Muslims, Blacks, Gays, Hispanics or whites is wrong. And stop being politically correct bigotry does not just come from white people. Just stop! We are all the same inside.


Sad incident in NYC. What surprises me is that no one spoke up for the woman or got involved. But then again the article says they were “drunk” and everyone figured they were a bunch of losers screaming things. I heard many bad things said by drunk people in NYC. Name calling is wrong.


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