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While Subway Returns, No. 7 Remains Down

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Oct. 31, 2012 Staff Report

Most subway lines will be up and running on Thursday but one line will be notably absent: the No. 7 train.

Days after a system-wide subway shutdown that began on Sunday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo and MTA Chairman Joe Lhota said the MTA would resume service 6 a.m. Thursday on 14 of its 23 subway lines.

Cuomo said the A, C, L, R and No. 7 train’s tunnels were still flooded Wednesday, but that three of seven of its tunnels under the East River had been cleared of water.

Subways expected to resume Thursday include:- The Nos. 1 and 2 trains will run from the Bronx to Times Square.

– No. 4 trains will run from Woodlawn to Grand Central and from Borough Hall and New Lots Ave.

– No. 5 trains will run express in Brooklyn between Atlantic Avenue and Flatbush Avenue.

– No. 6 trains will run between Pelham Bay Park and Grand Central.

– The 42nd Street Shuttle will run. The Brooklyn shuttles will not run.

– A trains will run between 168th Street and Penn Station and between Jay Street/MetroTech and Lefferts Blvd.

– D trains will run between 205th Street and Herald Square and Between Atlantic Avenue and Bay Parkway.

– F trains will run between 179th Street and Herald Square and between Jay Street/MetroTech and Avenue X.

– J trains will run between Jamaica and Hewes Street.

– L trains run between Broadway Junction and Rockaway Parkway.

– M trains will run between Myrtle Avenue and Metropolitan Avenue.

– N trains will run between Ditmars Blvd and Herald Square.

– R trains will run between Jay Street/MetroTech and 95th Street.

– The B, C, E, G, Q, No. 3 and No. 7 lines will be suspended.

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Meanwhile, many people have been walking and riding bikes, actually enjoying their journey.


I’m curious how service is restored between Main st and 74th, but the trains cannot make that extra above ground leg down to QueensBorough Plaza.


As the captive “customer” of a government monopoly, what do you expect?

Good service?

They spent $200 million on the Dey street station, only to figure out AFTERWARDS that only 5-6 people an hour would use it, so now it’s mothballed. But they never thought to install flood gates at low lying subway stations. Brilliance.

It’s not like you’re a voluntary customer and can go elsewhere, they destroyed their competition.

Why not take a cab? Oh right, the city artificially limits the number of taxi cabs, restricting supply and thus driving rates up.

The parasite gets closer and closer to killing it’s host.

It's all True

Those marathoners had better not run near me on Sunday or I will be chasing them! This is a disgusting waste of resources. Bloomberg is a creep.


Blame it on Bush! I am waiting for Carolyn Maloney/Baloney to start bloviating. Nanny Bloomberg gives us the shaft again and Crowley actually resides in Virginia. Way to go!



“Service btwn Flushing Main Street & 74th St. in Queens, will begin by midnight tonight” – @MTAInsider



All those trillions spent on corporate bail-outs and illegal wars around the world and nothing spent on something useful like flood proofing the subway.

Just a thought.

Long time resident

@Roxy: Probably because the trains aren’t here. They shut the system down on Sunday at 7 pm so they had time to get the equipment to depots well out of harms way (away from storage areas in flood plains). There probably isn’t a way to get the cars to the 7 line.

Anybody else look all day for *any* news coverage of what the transit situation was like for Queens? Not a peep. The only thing I saw was a WCBS news crew talk to a pedestrian walking across the Queensboro Bridge. Might they have thought to look at the elevated train station there to see how crowded it was before they got on the bridge in to Manhattan? Sure. But did they? No.

It would be nice to know if we should allow ourselves 3 hours to get to work, or if it’s not so bad for us with the subways partially open.


People need to keep things in perspective. There is no 7 train- OK, so walk or wait on line for a bus. At least we have power and those in Sunnyside didn’t lose everything they own.

Craic Dealer

I don’t get it. These lines are already under water… the structure just couldn’t keep the water out??


I think Lucky Lou says it best. The corrupt, money hungry, union run MTA has its head up its @$$ and only cares to do what’s easiest and least useful to seem helpful. One of the (if not THE) most crowded lines and busiest gets the shaft because they need to pump a tunnel that is barely used?? I’m 110% sure that if they got the 7 train up AT LEAST between Flushing and Queens Plaza (which I consider to be the normal route after having lived along the 7 train for years now, Queens plaza – Times Sq is the bonus) that would alleviate SO much of the traffic congestion in Queens and the bus overcrowding as well. Someone needs to wake up and get their act together over at the clown show that is the MTA. I bet you that an even bigger fare hike (than what is already on the table) is coming next year and they’re going to justify it by selling some bs about how “we were so nice in letting everyone ride for free for half a week”. NYC MTA, one of the most corrupt “public” transportation systems in all of the world. Monopolies suck in every aspect, and Bloomberg is an enabler.


Why can’t the #7 run between Main Street and Queens Plsza, which is frequently the case on weekends due to track work between Times Square and Queens Plaza? None of the #7 stations are underground except Main Street. Is it possible that downtown Flushing was washed away? I haven’t heard that.


P.S. Omar –there are lots of people called Omar Velez on Facebook.

Which one are you? Can you send a link to this comment page?


Marilyn S.


Omar, very kind of you to offer to keep your neighbors informed on the progress of the 7 train service.

Also thanks to Christian Murray! Sunnyiside Post does a great job of strenghthening community ties.

Marilyn S.

Lucky Lou

@ Nick Shadyside: I don’t think its that the MTA has it out for Sunnyside or Queens, but rather there is a list of priority in terms of which population gets served or assisted first, and we are at the bottom of that list. People needing to travel up and down Madison and Fifth Avenues come first, even if they don’t really need it, as I witnessed today. Overserved, you might even say.

Lucky Lou

I agree that Queens in general gets the shaft when it comes to planning transportation. They will have the N up and running, but not the 7. The 7 serves waaaay more people than the N. If they wanted to assist the highest number of people in Queens, they would have concentrated on getting the 7 up and running. If the issue is the flooded tunnel they could have had the 7 running at least between Main St. and Queensborough Plaza. It would alleviate much overcrowding that was seen on the buses today. I went out this morning to run errands in the neighborhood and saw about 50 people waiting for the bus. When I came around about 45 minutes later, the same people were waiting for the bus. I had to get into the city myself, but walked. I tried to catch the Q32 back, but not one bus would let people on as they made their way up Madison. I walked all the way to the end of the route near 34th and 7th Ave only to find approximately 100 people waiting in line for the Q32. Not a single bus in sight, yet there were 4 or 5 M4s parked and ready to go. A cop and an MTA worker kept walking up and down the line asking if anyone was waiting for the M4. Nobody was. So, let’s see…100 people waiting for the Q32 that wasn’t there and 0 people waiting for the M4, of which there were 4 or 5 practically begging for passengers. The Q32 serves a huge swath of Queens in which resides many of the “essential” workers who had to haul themselves over the Queensborough Bridge today. The M4 goes up Madison and Fifth Avenues serving…who exactly? Shoppers? People going to the Cloisters? I’m not saying the M4 should not have been running, but it is 100% clear that the MTA has never taken into consideration the number of passengers that live in Queens. I honestly think the city and/or the MTA under reports the number of residents in this borough and plans services for many less people than actually live here.

Nick Shadyside

when in the last 35 years did the tunnels flood and the whole system shut down (necessarily) for this long?
No one at the MTA has it “in for” this neighborhood, so enough with that already. They have zero interest in punishing anybody, and are completely motivated to get everything up and running, safely.
Do you want to drown to death or get electrocuted? The last time the Steinway tunnel flooded was in 1893, when they were first building it, and it’s held up pretty well since it opened 15 years after that.

Omar Velez

As a resident of Sunnyside as well as a motorman on the 7, I can assure you my neighbors that everything is being done to pump the salt water outbid the Steinway Tunnel. The main concern is the integrity of the tracks, signals and tunnel itself. It is not that easy. Service when it resumes will only go as far as Hunters Point. I am on Facebook and am a friend of councilman Van Bramer. You can find me there and friend request me so you can get at least someone who also has connections with Transit.


Just shut down that useless 7 train and convert the tracks into a super high speed lane highway. F-Zero Style!

woodside guy


Snowblock, on 31 October 2012 – 02:04 AM, said:
Yeah, the 7 line is in a lot of trouble right now, between the tube being flooded and a lot of signal damage on the el (yeah yeah, the same signaling system they’re trying to upgrade. shut up). As for the J, whether or not the Manhattan section is flooded is irrelevant as long as there is no power along any part of it, so either way there won’t be any Nassau service right away. Of course, nobody wants to listen to the updates I’ve been providing and instead want to paint their own interpretations, so don’t take my word for it.


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