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Van Bramer and Joe Crowley Weigh in on Weiner

Joe Crowley (Photo: Office of Jimmy Van Bramer)

June 9, 2011 Staff Report

At a Wednesday night fundraiser at an Astoria restaurant hosted by Rep. Joe Crowley, few local politicians said much about the predicament of Anthony Weiner.

Crowley, speaking to reporters, said the decision about Weiner’s political future was up to the congressman and his constituents. “That’s a decision only Anthony Weiner can make,” he said. “As I said before, we are all subject to evaluation every two years.”

“He’s in a pickle,” said Queens Borough President Helen Marshall. “He’s in trouble.”

“Everyone is talking about it,” observed George Arzt, a political consultant and former press secretary for former Mayor Ed Koch.

Some had a bit more to say. Asked if Weiner should step down, City Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer said: “It’s so hard to say at this point. Obviously that’s a deeply personal decision. He has to decide how much of this he wants to take.”

Fellow City Councilman Mark Weprin said he believes Weiner, a close friend and neighbor, could withstand the calls for his resignation.

“I think it’s up to him whether he goes,” Weprin said. “He’s been a good congressman. If this is the worst it’s going to be—what broke today—I don’t see why he doesn’t stay.”

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Aileen Mahmoodi

there was something i found offensive said about a former teacher, current council member …i didnt say anything about any jokes on weiner’s weiner. i actually hope he doesnt step down because of this… so i dont know why i was addressed in your previous comment.

Rocky Balboa

Aileen, what is your problem? Even the people who like Weiner joke about him! The name – and the stuff that he has done – just lend themselves to humor. Feel sorry for his mother though.

Aileen Mahmoodi

why because he is a gay rights activist?

im going to be straight up and just say, f$$k you for that statement.
coming from a former student of the man.


A 17 year old girl was involved – it is not ok! How did Weiner know that some of these girls weren’t really policemen looking for perverts? He has to resign – his judgment is atrocious and some of the acts, if he used federal issued property – were illegal. I can’t resist: I will be that Danny Dromm likes weiner!

Aileen Mahmoodi

every politician is a sleazy in one way or another, that’s how they got where they’re at.
yeah, what he did was wrong… for the sole reason that he is married. poor huma… kinda ironic that she hillary’s wing(wo)man.
he let his private life get mixed up with his career, i dont think we have to strip the man of his achievements, over something petty like this.
the adults (30+) seem really blind to the younger generation’s stance on nudity and sex… its very much accepted, along with marijuana
yes, he lied. do you know how embarrassed he must’ve felt? he’s still human! weiner is what… 46? 47? …no one wants to see old man penis! you dont think he knew that, and thats why he was lying. if he couldve he probably wouldve taken this to his grave. you cant blame the guy for that. i think this was actually a good thing! most of you dont know and arent apart of the differnt sites where younger girls feel it is okay to take indecently exposed pictures… maybe they can put two and two together and realize that shit can come bite you in the ass.


Maybe we need a bi-partisan presidential ticked next time:

Weiner/Bush in 2012


What a profile in courage that Weprin is: “Weiner is doing a good job” – yes, as a pornmeister and pervert! Not as a congressman!

Neighborhood Observer

It seems to be politicions have been behaving badly since the dawn of time, but back in the day it took way too much time and energy to spread the scandal around the world. In our transparent world, where everyone knows everything about everybody else because we can’t stop taking pictures and sending them into ether-space, bad behavior seems to be happening more often. Mr. Weiner is swinging in the wind right now because of his caustic personality, but it that personality that has served his district so well.

If our entire society decided to bring back some decorum to public life, perhaps behavior like this would occur less often.

Why does a 21 year old think it appropriate to show her admiration for a congressman doing his job by using the word “hot?” Because our society sexualizes everything.

As for the other politicians, they are being politic. That’s all.


Actually, if he was using “office equipment’ (another double entendre” a crime was committed.


Weiner is not a nice guy – he is a real hot dog which is why only a hack like Crowley would defend him. The Hot Dog stated that “to the best of his knowledge, the ladies were not underage”. To the best of his knowledge? Oh, gee, Hot dog: never thought you could have been set up for blackmail and extortion? Nope, the Weenie must go – now! He represents us – the taxpayers – GO NOW, WEENIE! And take Schumer with you, your puppet master.


Event 1: Bill Clinton gets blown by an intern, lies under oath. Liberal reaction=Defend Him! To hell with those lousy Republicans trying to usurp our electoral process. He made a mistake, he’s human!

Event 2: Congressman swaps dirty pics with people over the internet. Lies about it to media (NOT court of law), Liberal Reaction: BURN HIM, BURN HIM!!!!!!!!!

Just want to put some perspective on this for you guys. Anthony Weiner made a mistake that was about 1/10th as bad as Clinton’s….yet NO one is coming out to defend him. This is ridiculous.


Sorta sad and pathetic but not crooked, not illegal. If his constituents don’t want him, he’ll be voted out. Soon.

There are serious issues (hey, 9.1% unemployment) that we don’t talk about when we spend time on this stuff, the political equivalent of a reality tv show.


I’m convinced that 90% percent of our government officials are narcissistic sociopaths. The other 10% percent are just garden variety idiots. Weiner is a textbook case.

The way the political game is played, a decent human being with morals simply can’t get elected.

Every one of you elected officials are vile, immoral excrement.


Requisite moral character? Like giving away middle class peoples’ money to banks? Invading Iraq for non-existent weapons of mass destruction?
Presiding over the biggest income in income inequality in decades? Stealing public funds? Most of those guys are still in government. Why do sexy photos and tweets constitute the worst offense? And lying? hmmm, get rid of liars and there would be no one left in government. What he did was dumb. It wasn’t illegal (he did not ‘report’ hacking to any authority). Working it out is between him and his wife. Let his constituents decide his worth at the next election. On most issues, he has done a great job for his constituents.

Oppressed Masses

Well stated Mr. Wilson and I wholeheartedly agree. The Twitter nonsense is one thing, but the lying and the apparent intention to have a porn star lie for him to me show that Mr. Weiner lacks the requisite moral character to represent the people of his district in Congress. Frankly, I’m disappointed that Councilmember Van Bramer lacks the fortitude to state affirmatively his opinion on whether Mr. Weiner should go, but rather takes the easy way “it’s up to him” way out.

John K. Wilson

I don’t care how he gets his jollies–he looked all of us in the eye (through the camera) and lied. Bold-facedly. Even indignantly–saying that others were to blame. He said his account was “hacked”, which is a Federal crime, But, falsely reporting a Federal crime is a Federal crime; so, he ramped down his language–saying it was a “prank”, a “joke”.
Not only is a a Liar, doing what he did is simply stupid: this is the kind of intellect we want doing the important business of Congress? Does anyone doubt that he made himself–and through his position–he made US–vulnerable to blackmail of the sort that may have compromised the safety of huge numbers of people?
And excuse me; but, if any other politician–of either party–makes any public comment that does anything other than condemn this jerk for degrading the integrity of the office of United States Representative–to say nothing of the safety of our Neighborhoods and our Country…then that politician is most probably a political hack coward.
Our taxes pay his salary. I think he should be “fired”. In any private business, he would be fired. If he had any decency, he’d fire himself. His cronies who defend him–or who parse words to avoid condemning him–ought to be fired, too.


“He’s in a pickle,” said Queens Borough President Helen Marshall.’



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