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Construction Worker Dead After Falling down Elevator Shaft at New Sunnyside School

June 5, 2014 By Christian Murray

A construction worker was killed when he fell down a 5th floor elevator shaft this morning while constructing the new 6-floor elementary school on 42nd street, police said.

The accident occurred at about 8:15 am inside the 45-45 42nd Street school, which is expected to open in September.

A second man, who was working on the 4th floor, was injured when he was hit by debris as a result of the man’s fall. He is in stable condition.

Both workers were taken to Elmhurst Hospital, with one dying on the way to hospital.

The police have not yet released the men’s names.

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ANNONYMOUS – I too am truly, truly sorry for you on the loss of your friend. My son worked at that site a few months ago, and he told me about this accident. We both, are feeling it very dearly, as it could have happened to anyone of us.


We must REMEMBER this young man that has passed on, the injured worker may he have a speedy recovery, for the other workers that must now be placed on another site due to the closing down of this site until the investigation is done, may you find a place soon.

It’s a rough world out there, but we all have to live in it.

Prayers to you my friend, and the family and friends of all involved.


My heartfelt sympathy goes out to the family of this young man who lost his life in such a tragic way. For those worrying about UNION vs NON-UNION.

It is/was a UNION job.

My son worked at that site a couple months ago and he’s UNIONIZED. For those heartless people worrying about being involved in the decision making of the school. NOW is NOT the time to be voicing that. This could have been your child or family member that died such an horrific way. This was a young man trying to better himself and his life has been taken away from him.

May his soul Rest In Eternal Peace, and may his family find sometime of peace in the near future and be able to deal with this devastation.

South Side Johnny

Funny how making a comment always gets a delay to be “checked by a moderator,” but some crazy witch can post a mean and nasty remark about a curse. Wonder what it would take to for a comment to be blocked?


It was a company in a union he was working for. He was a 26 year old apprentice, and one of my close friends. For whatever reason he fell, the harness malfunctioned and snapped. Another worker present said he had no pulse on the scene so the hospital is irrelevant, the school will not be cursed, and the insincere comments are really unnecessary.


This horribly sad incident is the eight fall down an elevator shaft in NYC in the last nine months. I pray all of the elevator workers take the loss of this man to heart. This doesn’t have to happen!


I’ve enjoyed watching the construction of this school progress and I look forward to the day it opens. I’m sure the kids will love it and I think it will truly benefit the entire community.

My thoughts are with the families of these two workers, and also with their colleagues who are still on the job. The work they’ve done is impressive and they deserve our admiration and respect.


My heart goes out to his family and work colleagues. Union or not it has nothing to do with it. RIP


The neighborhood desperately needed an elementary school…and this was an ideal location.
The school will NOT be cursed. It will be filled with lively, happy, curious children…eager to learn.
Accidents happen on construction sites…sad, but true.
My condolences to the family…

47th Ave Resident

Prayers to the poor man’s family, However that site is No place for a school!!! The resident’s here had no say-we were not even told until after the fact!!!


My condoleance to the family. I leave just right next door to the construction site. We are sorry


I worked construction for years, first job I ever had in Rockafeller Center someone died on site. Terrible , a damn shame Saint Johns is shut down, that would have been a better choice than Elmhurst.


I live right across the street and have seen those men do some amazing things when they were climbing i beams….so sad that now that the bricks are beginning to clad the facade this happens.

many blessings to all involved.


Union or no union that makes no difference. This is a dangerous job & my condolences go out to the families. Sorry for the loss. Ignore all ignorant posts you see on any online articles!

Dorothy Morehead

Construction is an inherently dangerous job. My father was an architect and brought me to many job sites during all stages of construction. I have great admiration for these workers. Condolences to his family and co-workers who I am sure are traumatized by this terrible accident.

Flores 65

This is horrible. I heard about it this morning on NY1. My condolences go to the family of the dead construction worker. May he rest in peace and live free from harm in the afterlife. The NYCSCA should go back and re-examine the building to ensure another death doesn’t occur again.

P.S.: Does it really matter which hospital someone goes to?! If someone is about to die, the nearest hospital is the only choice.


Very sad. I agree with Stay Loose, I’m very happy for the new school and its so sad to hear of such a tragedy associated with it.


May God grant him eternal rest and send his peace to the man’s family. A quick and full recovery to the other person.


I will always remember how a worker died whenever I see this school, it really sucks, especially when a construction worker who just happens to die at the very place he was trying to make money for his children, family, whatever. Extremely sad.
I hope they inspect this place thoroughly to avoid another tragedy like this. They have been working super fast day and night to finish this school.

Steven B

Union or not, these tradgedies generally occur due to a lapse in use of Personal Protective Equipment. The SCA mandates all NYCDOB safety requirements are to be followed, it is usually a second of poor judgement that alters the life of others.


Condolences to the families of both construction workers. This is a school that should have never been built in this location!


The workers were probably taken to Elmhurst because it’s the closest Level One Trauma Center. Given the nature of their injuries, it makes sense.


Why would anyone other than a sociopath post anything here other than prayers and condolences?

God bless the workers and their families. I see them working their asses off every day, and they’ve gone out of their way to be as respectful as possible to the neighborhood.


Elmhurst?! It’s bad enough they fell down a shaft. Why wouldn’t they send them to cornell?

Stay Loose, Sunnyside

Really? Snark on such a post?

My thoughts and prayers for the worker and his family. This is a most welcome and necessary school for the neighborhood. My son starts there in September. So sad that a rare tragedy has occurred there.


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