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Turkish Cultural Center Celebrates Ramadan under the 7 Train


June 20, 2015 By Christian Murray

The Turkish Cultural Center, a Sunnyside-based group dedicated to bridging the gap between religions, put up a large tent under the 7 train yesterday to celebrate Ramadan.

The center served free Turkish food and will do so again tonight and Sunday evening.  The event is for Muslims and the public at large.

During Ramadan, Muslims are required to fast but can eat come sundown.

“This is not just for the Muslim and Turkish communities,” said Oguzhan Turan, director of the TCC.  “We are trying to organize a community event for everyone,” he said, adding that priests and rabbis have come to the event in the past.

“We are trying to show people that we are the same as others – and are open to public,” he said.

In the past, many Sunnyside residents have attended the event out of curiosity or their liking of Turkish food.

This will be the eleventh year the TCC has held a Ramadan celebration in Sunnyside, the second year under the 7 train.

“This year we hope to serve more than 6,000 plates over the three days,” Ozghuan said.

Each night dinner will be served between 8:00-8:45pm, followed by music from 9:00 to 10:00 pm.

All are welcome.

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Response to Jason: It is a shame that you know nothing about the people at the Turkish Cultural Center….. I am an Irish, Catholic woman and I work there…. never once has anyone here tried to make me become a part of the Gulen / Hizmet Movement or tried to convert me to Islam. The mistake you, and people like you make, is believing that everyone who is Muslim has an ulterior agenda…. this could not be more wrong. It is unfortunate that you do not seem to want to understand that Islam, like any other religion, at its core, is a peace loving religion – and like all religions, it too has its share of extremists. As for leaders not speaking out against terrorism – do some research on Fetullah Gulen, who has quite openly denounced the actions of extremists!!!


wait i’m confused, who is it that we hate living in the neighborhood? one day it’s latin americans, one day it’s hipsters, the next day it’s muslims. is the only acceptable resident of sunnyside an overweight red-faced 60-year old of irish descent?

jimmyz da man!

Cool, so for a few days they will stop plotting massacres of americans, wish that warm and fuzzy feeling could last all year long!!! One day hopefully, Oh well, two days is better than none.

So for today, eat up and enjoy the friendship and watch your back tmrw.
If any muslim leaders would stand up and denounce the violance I wouldnt be saying this, because none speak against it, cant be trusted.


“dedicated to bridging the gap between religions…” actually this is not true. They are trying to dominate the word through what they call “service.” The are outlawed in Turkey, their institutions, primarily schools, are being shut down in Turkey, Russia, former Soviet countries and their activities are banned in Europe. They are wolves disguised as sheep. You can do your own research and find out about their ugly business.


This is interesting, I’d agree with you normally but I haven’t seen them promote their service or anything of that sort unlike some of the other religions I see around town. So, enjoy good food, and don’t look back.
Do they distribute any kind of flyers or ask people to join the “team” ? I don’t care about anything done in the name of religion. If something is being done, it should be in the name of humanity, and even anonymously if possible, but what’s the fun in that. They (whoever is doing whatever it is they are doing) must plaster the name, religion, company, etc, there is never a selfless deed, depends how easily you can be influenced and steered by these things. Do our area Churches or Synagogues do anything like this at all?


There’s always someone who comes here every year to say this and they’re generally ignored. This is a neighborhood and we’re all trying to get along. We’re doing a pretty good job, too. No need to research our neighbors and view them with suspicion. So far, you’re the one I’m really worried about.


Well, since you replied my comment above, it doesn’t look like it’s ignored. You’re free to remain ignorant as long as you want.


Jason you are 100% correct. It is unfortunate that most people are in denial and /or simply cannot see the reality of what Islam actually all about.


Don’t twist my words. I didn’t say anything about Islam. Do not bring Islam into this conversation. I am specifically talking about this group and their ideology.


It’s true, most people will ignore you. Some people speak up, that’s good because you are like a boil that needs popping, by someone!


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