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Top Speed for Sunnyside’s Residental Streets to be 20mph, as Van Bramer Focuses on Safety

Oct. 17, 2013 By Christian Murray

The residential streets of Sunnyside and a large section of northern Woodside are going to be designated slow zones, where 20 mph will be the speed limit and several speed bumps will be installed.

Slow zones are marked by high-visibility blue gateway signs that note the 20 mph speed limit in the zone, as well as speed bumps. There are two proposed zones—one for Sunnyside North/Gardens and Woodside, while the other is for Sunnyside South. (click on links for maps)

The locations were chosen by the Department of Transportation after the agency evaluated the two zones based on crash history, community support, proximity of schools, and senior and daycare centers, among other criteria.

Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer’s office called on the DOT to introduce them.

The councilman is looking to solicit community input about the zones, with the plan also expected to go before Community Board 2. The maps might be tweaked– depending on residents’ feedback. However, the zones are expected to go into effect within a year.

“By installing these two slow zones…we will have tremendous impact on improving the safety of pedestrians who walk along heavily trafficked corridors in our neighborhoods,” Van Bramer said in a statement.

“I believe it is vital to use every tool we have to protect the lives of residents on our City’s streets. Slow zones have a proven track record throughout New York City.”

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PLEASE put this on 50th street btw Skillman/43rd Ave.

Firetrucks, cars, buses SPEED through here doing upwards of 50mph.

Joe Hendricks

This is a start. However the only way this works is for the police to enforce the speed limit.
I would like to know why the streets,42nd thru 39th, have been excluded. They contain the children’s playground on Skillman and PS 150 on 43rd Ave. We are trying to protect the residents of this community and yet with this zoning as it stands does not take into consideration our most important asset, the children. Let push to include this area.

Safe Sunnyside

If the Keystone Cops of the 108 want to make some money, they should REINFORCE these speed limits. I live on 48th street in the gardens and it is a racing strip. AWFUL. There should be speed bumps on all residential streets, not just in “zones”. All children/residents are important.

martine aerts-niddam

Mr. Comment: yes, I have seen this as well. Scary!

however, parking tickets are given liberally!

martine aerts-niddam

well, this is a good start for us residents here who have to content with high volume traffic zooming by at a rapid clip starting 6:30 am and horning if things dont go fast enough.

What a difference 20 years make. Skillman used to be such a quiet street!

Now the next step is heavy truck traffic on Skillman where trucks are legally NOT allowed ( except for local deliveries).

I have been working on this for one and a half year without much success so far.

youd think since the law is on my side, it would go faster.

Not so, its an infernal machinery and parties play ping pong.




I cant get anyone to care that 39th st 40 41st people drive up the wrong way when traffic backs up at st raphael church ….the police could be writing 10-20 30 tickets a day….yet focus on stupid things like this 20 mph thats nuts

Focus in the Spanish ladies pushing their kids against the light while yapping on their phones….I think that’s a far bigger problem…


The 108th would actually have to enforce this… even if this is changed, nothing will ever happen. I saw a car drive the wrong way down Skillman Avenue, run INTO a cop car and not get pulled over. I am not predicting any Sunnyside speed traps in the future.

43rd & 43rd

Why didn’t they extend the north one 2-3 blocks west to cover that school & playground too?

And it covers all of the two-way thru-street 43rd St.? Good luck with that.

Mayor McCheese

Why on earth doesn’t this include 42nd & Skillman? Between the children’s playground, the farmer’s market and the dog run that location has tons of foot traffic.


43rd Street on the south side is notorious for speeding, especially going to the BQE. It’s about time!


@Mr. Magoo
42nd & Skillman ave. its a hassle for mothers and their strollers to cross the street to enter the park. Also cars turning into 42nd from skillman, that little hidden cross walk is beyond dangerous.


At last something is being done! I’m done of seeing drivers drive way above the speed limit. It’s like there’s no respect for anybody out on the sidewalk and the road at all. I hope all of Sunnyside will be covered.

Dorothy Morehead

This is a good first step but enforcement is crucial. Speeding well above the current limit is commonplace. Without the cooperation of the 108th Precinct, the new speed limit will be meaningless.


Who decides on these streets? It looks completely idiotic, 43rd is a two way major road, nobody will go 20mph, NOBODY.
Yet on south side 44th is NOT on the list, and few other streets on north side, for example 44 on south is the only way for Manhattan bound blvd drivers that come out from parked spaces to connect to 495, and it is not included.
I don’t understand this map and whoever decided on which street to include should be fired.

Just because there were no crashes, leave the street out, let people continue to drive fast.. nice going.

The Bottom Line

For everyone who complains about noise, speeding, traffic safety, and quality of life issues, this is a HUGE victory! Thanks!

Good Luck

Only thing going 20 MPH on these streets are the Electric bikes everyone hates. Maybe sunnyside should just outlaw bikes and give everyone a free Citibike pass..


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