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Tom Selleck and Blue Bloods Come to Sunnyside/Woodside

Photo: George Burles

August 6, 2013 Staff Report

Blue Bloods, the police drama series on CBS, was filming in Sunnyside/Woodside this morning.

Tom Selleck was shooting a scene on 40th Street, between 50th Avenue and the BQE.

Special provisions were made for Selleck. He even had his own seat.

Photo: George Burles

(Photo: George Burles)

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John K. Wilson

This production–and productions like them–pay a great deal in taxes and fees; which, fund the various spending that our government’s temporary stewards love to do.


Geez, Hal, lighten up. The block they were filming on is in a remote section of the neighborhood and I doubt they caused a lot of problems. Remember, there will be fewer parking spots to go around in the years to come- we need the space for the bike lanes.


“Lighten up, democrats?” That’s kind of a bizarre thing to say. I vote Democrat all of the time, but it has little to do with how I feel about film shoots in the neighborhood. Tom Selleck is pro-NRA (boo!) but he’s still welcome to take up all the parking spots on my block!


I agree. Most of these idiots complaining have no idea the amount revenue being dumped into the City and their community. Lighten up, democrats!

Craic Dealer

These events ruin local businesses They use their own caterers instead of local restaurants. These events also ruin the parking situations. These shows currently, molest the community. There are better ways to make crappy shows.


Good review Oldschool! “[I]nbred, incestuous, ‘we are better than the rest of humanity’” is why the show is called “Blue Bloods”.


I went over to check this out- lovely block, nice atmosphere, everyone seemed happy. I didn’t stick around too long, didn’t want to steal Tom’s thunder.

Astoria Transplant

Tom was very polite and came up to some of the fans between shots and said hello. One of the production people even gave onlookers some water and fruit from the catering. The atmosphere was very casual and easygoing.

Oldschool Sunnysider

Yawn….another, US vs THEM, inbred, incestuous, “we are better than the rest of humanity” cop drama. Selleck at his bloated and pompous best.


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