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Tibetan-American Restaurant to Open on Skillman Early 2016

Grand opening 2013

Grand opening 2013

Oct. 21, 2015 Staff Report

A Tibetan-American restaurant will be opening on Skillman Avenue where Lety Bakery Café II is currently open.

The owner of the restaurant, called Three Sisters, will occupy 51-18 Skillman Avenue.

The owner, who spoke last week at a Community Board 2 meeting as part of her application for a beer & wine license, said she will offer Tibetan-American food. “There won’t be any typical Asian curries,” the Tibetan native said.

The restaurant will be small, with 27 seats and 10 tables.

The owner, who expects to open the restaurant early next year, also plans to sell baked goods.

Those items will be baked at the original Lety Bakery Café in Jackson Heights and transported to the restaurant.


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It’s gonna be American food with an Asian influence. That’s it. Not that hard to comprehend for all the trolls and haters. They are keeping a few of Letty’s pastries in stock to keep the regulars happy, also same coffee. The owner/chef has experience working in high end Michelin star restaurants. This will be a great place for the community and the food will have more of a healthy seasonal ingredient focus.


Just hope to give a little thoughts ambiance. Too many “ethnic” restaurants around here have really ugly light and hard chairs. Unfortunate when you have Good food, makes ithard to want to go there when it’s so uncomfortable.


Lety’s is a great place for our community needs for coffee, sandwiches, salads, pastries. All are fresh and yummy . Price and service are on point. I am so sad of this news.


I am glad there is new business opening in our neighbourhood. I am more so glad that our community is opening up to new and different culture experience . At least I can still enjoy my coffee and pastries in the morning and yet enjoy some delicious Tibetan food for dinner with cold glass of beer !!!! I am excited , if you have never had Tibetan food, you should go try some!


guys give it a break!! don’t judge the book from it’s cover,the place is not even open yet and there are full of negativities.We need new restaurants in that area badly be experimental otherwise you will never refine your palate and will die only knowing potato and sausage or hotdogs . I so am looking forward for the change.

majnoon layla

its nice to walk in a place in the morning to buy a cup of coffee , and you are greeted by a nice young lady with a smile fresh coffee and fresh raisin danish my favorite, but sometime i’ll order a hot bagel with butter , fresh mmmm so delicious .. so if you happen to be going down skillman stop by and say hello to that lovely person.


i love the coffee in the morning and my pastries all friendly staff and fast service and clean place.

Love for Skillman

I wish someone would open a restaurant called “Whinger’s”.

Must have at least 800 Sunnyside Post comments for entry.
Must show family tree dating back to Pa’s arrival in the 1920s.
Must hate most of everything.
Must know everything, but do nothing.
Must be fine with cig flickers in front of every Snyside pub.
Must shotgun a can of Bud Lite after droppin in a carb in with a hacksaw blade stashed in your sock (Saw this on 52nd St. and I bowed to the awesomeness of that old timer)


This place will be packed every night.


Who pissed in your gluten free, pumpkin spiced, free range, organic quinoa flakes this morning sunshine?


You all never say what you would want but always manage to complain about anything and everything.You don’t like new people moving in,u don’t like “hipsters” as if u would know one if you saw one,you don’t like any change what so ever. You don’t like street fairs without tube socks. All the Irish think Sunnyside belongs to them,think again you are immigrants as well, I don’t care how long you’ve lived here.So unless YOU plan on doing something,stop complaining or move out. There r enough of us who love it here!

richard gere wouldnt even eat there

tibetan american italian…. just put up the nail salon sign and get it over with. whos the idiot who thought up this great idea to mash these 3 things?


oh wow you name dropped a Tibetan supporter, so novel and thoughtful. Richard Gere also wouldn’t give your negative outlook on life any props. Go get a life and stop trolling Dck head


I always had hope this place would have been successful at the expenditure of LA Marjolane(the so called French bakery) also on Skillman avenue.


Tibetan, American and Italian? Really? REALLY?

Although I’m glad something new is coming to Skillman (it badly needs it) this sounds unfocused and a bit messy. In addition, there are already 2 or 3 Tibetan restaurants in Sunnyside. I think I can imagine Tibetan maybe once a year at most.


I think it’s a brilliant idea that we have something new here! I know Tibetan restaurants around the neighbourhood doesn’t really serve proper bakery , coffee which would be ideal for desert after a delicious Tibetan food ! Also they are not going to be serving Italian dishes or pasta with Tibetan sauce you dumbo! It’s just baked goods that are Italian.


It’s American food with an Asian influence. They are keeping a few of Lettys pastries around and same coffee so whiny spoiled customers like yourself don’t cry about change in the neighborhood.


This must be the 5th or 6th Tibetan place to open in the area in 3 years! I’m grateful for all the awesome Tibetan food but how do they all survive that sort of competition?

driving with UBER means more time on SSPost

so what are you, Tibetan. American or Italian?? The lack of decent italian pastries is why I never went back. The fact that they will be serving american style Tibetan cuisine (what the hell is that?) and ship in mediocre italian pastries…. is laughable.

figure out what it is and do that one thing well.


What’s wrong with Italian coffee and pastries for breakfast or desert along with exotic Tibetan food! Open your narrow mind and stop hating!


Seriously the best coffee in Sunnyside. Man, why why why? Hope they continue to sell that coffee!


It says they will continue to sell coffee and baked goods transported from original letty’s store thank god ! I am excited to try Tibetan food and now we will have option of drinking some wine with our dinner too hopefully !


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