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Three Queens Establishments Are Among The Latest to Have Liquor Licenses Suspended

Privileged Gentleman’s Club 49-14 Queens Blvd. (Google Maps)

Aug. 25, 2020 By Christian Murray

Three more Queens bars and restaurants had their liquor licenses suspended over the past weekend — including a Woodside strip joint— as the state continues to crack down on establishments that violate coronavirus regulations.

The state’s task force led by the State Police and State Liquor Authority (SLA) conducted more than 4,000 compliance checks over the past weekend. Investigators issued violations to 34 businesses and suspended the liquor licenses of 14 establishments across the state.

Businesses that violate COVID-19 regulations — such as face mask requirements, no indoor dining, social distancing, serving past the 11 p.m. dining curfew, or serving alcohol without food — face fines up to $10,000 per violation.

Egregious violations can result in the immediate suspension of a bar or restaurant’s liquor license.

The most recent Queens establishments that had their liquor licenses pulled are Privileged Gentleman’s Club at 49-14 Queens Blvd. in Woodside; Esquina Tequila at 40-01 Northern Blvd in Long Island City; and Palm Court Restaurant & Lounge in Jamaica.

Esquina Tequila 40-01 Northern Blvd. (Google Maps)

Privileged’s license was yanked after inspectors encountered a security guard at the front door without a mask–who then tried to block investigators and cops from entering the premises.

After gaining entry, investigators discovered 33 patrons inside in a make shift room constructed with a plastic tarp roof and four walls, consuming alcohol and ignoring social distancing guideline. Two additional employees were inside without facial coverings.

The investigators suspended Esquina Tequila’s license after 10 individuals were seen drinking, congregating and ignoring social distancing regulations directly in front of the premises.

Meanwhile, at Palm Court investigators found four patrons inside the premises drinking alcohol and playing pool.

Nearly a third of COVID-related liquor license suspensions have been at Queens businesses over the course of the pandemic. To date, 162 businesses across the state have been slapped with suspensions during the coronavirus pandemic, including 50 in Queens.

Governor Andrew Cuomo said New York won’t allow the violators of COVID safety measures to ruin the state’s success in beating back the virus.

“Over the last five months, New Yorkers have made great sacrifices to bend the curve, and today’s [Aug. 24] record-low infection rate shows that when we listen to science and take this virus seriously, we can make a difference,” Cuomo said in a statement.

“But too many bars and restaurants are still flouting rules in place to stop the spread and local governments need to step up — so we’ve beefed up enforcement with the state police and liquor authority to hold bad actors accountable.”

For a full list of bars and restaurants that have had their licenses suspended click here

Palm Court 171-16 Hillside Ave (Google Maps)


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Robert Farrell

Protesting rioting arsonists looters can violate all the rules set by King Cuomo but honest business owners must follow all rules ,

Huge numbers of rioters were arrested

The rules aren’t set by Cuomo, Trump says he has “absolute authority” over all governors. Why isn’t he doing anything about this?


This extended shut down is a One World Government take over of the United States. Who owns your business when the government sends its police to shut you down? Or when the government allows the looting of businesses. Rural or city, you must hold your ground against these tyrannical forces because “there is no other place to go.” – Maximo Alvarez, refugee of communism, US immigrant, CEO of Sunshine Gasoline Distributors Inc.


i mean, its only death from a deadly virus. as long as patrons can sue restaurants when they get sick, i’m ok with everything re-opening. i mean, who cares that so many places are seeing a resurgence of this deadly virus, right? drinking and playing pool are for more concerning. oh well, at least i dont have to pay the half million dollar hospital bill for that month in the ICU.


The problem is, this is not like picking up a tick from a park that you can sue them, symptoms don’t appear for weeks, in some cases never, while you infect other people.. So no such a thing “sue the restaurant”.. No way to prove that’s where you got the virus from. Oh yeah and conspiracy theorists can go to hell, by the way…
“one world government control of extended shutdown” idiots.. get a life bro, move out of mom’s basement.

James Sheperd

This has Nothing to do with a Virus. Its systematic destruction of The Middle Class the undermining of our freedoms as a people and society.


well, we either do this the easy way or wait for this virus to come back with full force and have the gov declare martial law because uneducated people just dont have the brain power to comply with something so simple.


Cuomo should stop take a pay. And see how it is not to have a income he is a murder ask people that lost love one At nursehome


Its clear that owners are violating the state mandate, CDC guidelines & Social distancing, so therefore all licensing should be pull off and fines must follow up. Good job Governor.


Someone needs to go to Greenpoint Ave & 46 St.
They do t know what 6 ft apart is when placing tables. You are practically on top of each other inside that red makeshift outdoor dinning area. Its gross ?


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