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Three Big Eggs Appear Under the 46th Train Station, as Part of Citywide Egg Hunt

Photo: QueensPost

March 31, By Christian Murray

Three random sculptures depicting eggs were placed under the 46th Street subway station today.

The eggs, which are about 2 ½ feet tall, are part of a citywide egg hunt where 200-plus egg sculptures have been hidden around the city as part of The Faberge Big Egg Hunt.

The 200-plus eggs have been created by local artists as well as high-profile designers such as Tommy Hilfiger and Jeff Koons. One of the three eggs in Sunnyside was sculptured by local artist Soonae Tark.

Each egg has been individually crafted and features an array of colors and patterns.

The egg hunt has a social media component to it. The organizers have created a free download-able smart phone app that allows the public to check in each time they discover an egg.  An egg’s location will remain secret until 10 people have checked in. At that point it will appear on the map.

Participants will be eligible for prizes.

From Apr. 18-25, all the eggs will be gathered for a free exhibit at Rockefeller Center, according to published reports. They will then be auctioned off by Sotheby’s and the online auctioneer Paddle8 to benefit Elephant Family.

London hosted a Big Egg Hunt in 2012, while Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester and Dublin hosted them in 2013.

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@Paul Maringelli You are right it does cut down on who can participate. I’m not sure how else they would of done it since it is live and through the 5 boroughs but I’m sure many more people would like to participate

@Sophia and @Plainspoken – colored eggs and egg hunts are not only a christian tradition. Easter time overlaps with with pagan holidays.

@Al the eggs are in all five boroughs so if you want to find all of them then there is defiantly a hunt. There is a leaderboard and those with smart phones have 250+ eggs to locate plus waldo who moves around the city

@Sunnysideposthatesme14 The city didn’t fund this hunt. The project was funded by sponsors. Any profit made is going to save elephants and to fund art supplies to over 150 public schools.

I miss the Halal truck also….

Paul Maringelli

It’s a great idea, however in order to participate you have to own a “smartphone” to download their app. Which cuts out all the senior citizens who might want to participate. Or all the poor people who don’t own “smartphones”. It’s as if you have to belong to a certain demographic in order to be part of the “The Faberge Big Egg Hunt” and want to see the map where the other eggs are located.


@ Plain Spoken I like that comment. The commercialization of Christian holidays has gone way, way, way too far. At some point in adulthood those with faith see it and return to the basics, at least in their hearts. But the commercial buzz is very, very distracting.

Spam, egg, sausage and spam

I went by there today and Lady Gaga popped out of one.

Panic ensued, children screamed, people ran for their lives.


How the hell is this an Easter Egg hunt? I think it is rather obvious where the eggs are.

pathetic sheep

From that old Bugs Bunny cartoon: “I wanna Easta egg!! I wanna Easta egg!”


Very cute. I love the idea.

But I agree with Craic Dealer. I want my halal truck back 🙁


So this is what’s done with city money. Can’t wait to get out of the city.


I believe there is one inside Dean and Deluca at Prince and Broadway…I thought it was something the store was doing. (And maybe that particular one is, I didn’t go up to read the plaque.)

Michael Kilpatrick

Saw one yesterday on 44th Street by 5th Avenue! Was wondering what that was all about. Pretty cool.


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