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Thieves Continue to Target Sunnysider Car Owners

Photo: QueensPost

March 29, 2012 Staff Report

A Sunnyside car owner discovered his vehicle without tires and rims last week.

The car, which was parked on 47th Ave (btw. 41st and 42nd), was discovered with all four of its tires missing on March 22. The police confirmed the report.

This is the fourth incident of its type in Sunnyside this year– with two occurring in Sunnyside Gardens, one on Skillman Ave (41st and 42nd) and this one.

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Paul Maringelli

Car Owners – Get yourself a set of “Wheel Locks” – They cost between $10 & $20 a lock. Four are needed, one for each wheel. This will help prevent your rims and tires from being stolen. Sold on-line and in all automotive stores.

Gave this advice to a friend years ago. One night the two cars parked next to him had their tires stolen. His were not, because of the wheel locks. Best advice I ever gave him.

Oppressed Masses

Great advice Jeremy. I think applying the parking brake will also slow down the process.

Jeremy Kareken

When you park your car – TURN YOUR WHEELS 90 DEGREES! That makes it *much* harder for the thieves.


@ Roxy

That’s what boggles my mind, too. Doesn’t it take quite a long time to do a job like this? How does no one walk by and see them in action?

Our neighborhood is quiet but not THAT quiet. Keep your eyes open, neighbors!

Oppressed Masses

@allow me and others, apropos of your comment, no one should even think of double parking on Skillman unless you are prepared to pay the $110 double parking fine.


This happened directly across the street from a friend’s sixth floor apartment. Though she’s a light sleeper, she heard no unusual noise during the night, and wonders how they could have kept it so quiet. The car was also parked within six feet of a street lamp that helps to keep that part of 47th Avenue well-lighted throughout the night. There is also a fair amount of traffic on 47th Avenue 24/7 because some drivers use it as an alternate to Queens Boulevard. So how could four wheels be stripped without the thieves being caught? Wouldn’t it have taken at least five minutes to do such a job?

Just Looking

@allow. . . . the priority is to use us as a “revenue stream.” Forget protecting or defending us. Hell, one time I had a cop tell me it was my fault my window was broken, I shouldn’t have parked on that block. Huh?


When your car is being stripped by criminals, there are no cops around.

When your car is parked one nanosecond past the alternate side parking time, a cop pops out of thin air to give you a ticket.

The city has its priorities.


there have been at least 2 (two) cars on the block of 59th Street — between 47th avenue and 48th avenue that had their windows broken and their tires removed (all 4 of them) on each car and also in the parking lot of Sky View Towers (47-30 59th Street ) where the car had all 4 tires taken and they put the cars on cinder blocks — also 3 cars last week had their windows broken between 63rd and 64th street and woodside avenue — so it is not only happening in sunnyside it is happening alot in woodside and astoria that is for sure

Oppressed Masses

This looks like a Honda, Civic or Accord. I think at least one other car targeted was a Honda. Be advised.


There have been more than four. Two tires were taken off a vehicle on 47th Avenue (1 block from this) in December, as well. When are these guys going to be caught?


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