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Suspect Wanted for Sunnyside Shooting Remains on the Run: NYPD

Suspect wanted for Sunnyside Pharmacy Shooting on April 18 (NYPD)

May 1, 2019 By Christian Murray

Three high-profile suspects wanted for violent crimes in Sunnyside still remain at large, according to police.

Police are still searching for the perpetrator of a shooting that took place on Skillman Avenue two weeks ago, as well as two teenagers involved in a string of robberies in Sunnyside over the past two months.

Captain Michael Gibbs, the commanding officer at the 108 Police precinct, said that he was confident that police were going to arrest the man wanted for shooting a worker at Sunnyside Pharmacy, located at 48-11 Skillman Ave., on April 18. The employee was shot in the arm around 2 p.m. during a botched robbery but was not seriously injured.

“We have fantastic footage of it and information has been coming in,” Gibbs said. “Hopefully it will take us in the direction to make an arrest but we are not there yet.”

Gibbs would not comment as to whether the police have identified the suspect.

Gibbs said the precinct has yet to arrest two of the three teenagers wanted for a string of robberies that took place in Sunnyside in March. Police did arrest a 15-year-old in relation to these crimes on March 22.

Gibbs said they know the names of the two other teenagers.

“We have identified them. And we have a fairly good idea where one of them is and it is being worked on by the detective square,” he said.

The suspects are wanted for assaulting a 62-year-old man in front of Burger King, at 40-15 Queens Blvd., on Saturday, March 9; sucker-punching and robbing a 34-year-old man at Greenpoint and 48th Avenues on March 11; and the robbery of a 45-year-old man at knife point who was walking to work on Monday, March 18, at around 1:20 a.m. by 34-00 Review Ave.

Despite these high-profile incidents, Gibbs said violent crime is generally down across the precinct.

Gibbs was asked by residents about two crimes that were reported via the Citizen app in the past month, including an incident where a man was allegedly walking up Skillman Avenue with a knife.

Gibbs said he was not aware of the incident and said that some of the reports that come in via the Citizen app are erroneous. He said the department works on crimes that are called into 911 and are vetted by police.

Retrofitted with slot (Photo: QueensPost)

The biggest problem the precinct faces at the moment is mail fishing, Gibbs said, a crime where the perpetrators attach glue-covered bottles to pieces of string and fish out mail from inside the mailboxes. The criminals then pull out checks, white wash them, and rewrite the checks for large sums.

“Mail fishing is a huge problem at the moment,” Gibbs said. He said that the boxes all need to be retrofitted but the post master general is not working fast enough in doing so.

The boxes that are susceptible to the crime have pull down handles, as opposed to the retrofitted boxes that have narrow slots.

Gibbs said a trouble spot has been around Queens Boulevard and 46th Street.

Police also told residents to be on the look out for a man who is stealing packages from outside people’s homes largely in the Hunters Point section of the precinct.

Gibbs said the suspect dresses up as a woman and pushes a baby stroller around. He then grabs the packages from people’s porches and puts it in the stroller and walks off.

Gibbs said that there have been more than a dozen thefts, primarily taking place between Vernon and Center Boulevards.

Teenagers wanted for string of Sunnyside robberies (NYPD)

Teenagers wanted for string of Sunnyside robberies (NYPD)

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Nice place

He is the face of our future. Country only become what people are. Look at the Flushing; become China, less crime, more jobs, expensive house; Look at sunnyside; more.. hmm.. become… hmm.. al least we got AOC and 25000 less jobs.


Nice Place- There are about 25K residents of Suunnyside. The jobs lost were in LIC. Get your facts straight. How many houses in Sunnyside have been selling for well over a million dollars.i bet you’re Fox informed.


These are the type kids that are not confident and are scared to be alone. They can not be alone they need to always be with some one

don't want to stereotype but

Tip for everyone regarding the mail robberies: Go to your nearby post office to send important mail, like rent. They have a mailbox inside and is probably the safest.

Also, why did they hide the girls’ faces in the first video? You’re pretty much complicit if you’re hanging around someone else doing crime.

Carbie Barbie

Under the “pretty much complicit” standard you just voiced, the president of these united states should be in jail.

Just saying.


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