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Sunnyside’s Flagship Closes, Thai Restaurant to Open

Tony Tang (Photo: QueensPost)

Feb. 27, 2011 By Christian Murray

Flagship Entertainment, the photo and video store located at 45-04 Queens Blvd., is closing and making way for a Thai noodle restaurant.

Flagship has been a mainstay on Queens Blvd for more than 28 years and fell victim to new technology, according to its owner Tony Tang. He said that a growing number of his customers printed photos at home or bought electronic items online. Upon closure, he said, residents will still be able to get passport photos, photo enlargements and video-to-DVD conversions at the UPS store next door.

Tang is the owner of that UPS store, which he opened 2 years ago by splitting the Flagship retail space in two. He is also the driver behind transforming the remaining space into a Thai noodle restaurant.

Tang is going to be a partner in the Thai restaurant, teaming up with food professionals. He expects the new restaurant, to be called Nodus, to open in April. “Nodus” is the Latin root-word for noodle.

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if only there were a place to get your nails done and buy a cell phone near ther…..OH WAIT.


Agree with Sunny Blue. While I’m happy to have restaurants open, don’t we have plenty of Thai places?

Sunny Blue

Another Thai place? How many does one neighborhood need? This will be the 4th Thai restaurant in our hood. How about Vietnamese!!!? Somebody please! Maybe I should open one myself. Not to say I won’t eat there. I hope it’s good and I wish him luck.


Randall you still have a rental store on Greenpoint ave. Down the block from the mens clothnng store. Unfortunately most of the video stores are going out of business. Maybe we will get lucky and someone will open a new video store in our nab. There is always hope.


I am very sad about this. Some of don’t like Netflex. The store on Skillman which was a dvd rental also closed. Very sad.


Flagship vidio is been a main stay of our town, expecially when all the videio stores opened and then closed. Are family has developed hundreds of rools of film there. Always very corteous and very professional in dealing with us. With the other businessis going on . I think it is great that we are going to have a new business take over and not a for rent sign on his window. We wish him the best of luck in his new store and can hardly wait to eat there.

45 year Resident of Sunnyside!

Tony and his wife have been good friends of Sunnyside, it’s always been nice dealing and doing business with them, Flagship has always been a good store and has over the years employed many of our young people. It’s also nice that when I spoke to him he spoke well about his landlord, but sorry to say many of the other landlords are not that good, maybe some of those greedy guys might want to talk to his landlord to find out why they have empty stores and learn how to keep good tenants!
I wish Tony and his family well in their new business!


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