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Sunnyside To Have a Restaurant Week: Nov. 4–Nov. 8

Venturo a participant in Sunnyside Restaurant Week (Photo: QueensPost)

Sept 24, 2013 By Christian Murray

Sunnyside Shines has organized a neighborhood restaurant week, where discounts will be offered by at least 15 eateries along Queens Blvd and Greenpoint Avenue.

The event, called Sunnyside Restaurant Week, is scheduled to take place from Nov. 4 (Monday) -through Nov. 8 (Friday).

Restaurants that have already signed on include Venturo, Turkish Grill, Dazies, Takesushi, Malingo, I Love Paraguay, Arriba Arriba, PJ Horgans and Sidetracks.

Participating restaurants will offer a 3 course dinner menu for $25, with some restaurants also offering a 2 course lunch menu for $10.

Meanwhile, the art organization No Longer Empty will be erecting art work at many of the participating eateries during restaurant week. The artwork aims to illuminate the character of the restaurants

Sunnyside Shines will not be hosting the Taste of Sunnyside this fall. It has decided to postpone it until next spring and turn it into a larger event.

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Long time Sunnyside resident

$25 for three courses at any resteraunt s pretty good I think. Depends what the restaurants are offering. Wait to see what they offer before you make judgement . If I can get a nice cold salad or a hot cup of soup plus a nice chicken,fish or beef dish served with rice or potato and fresh veg and a delicious dessert then it’s worth $25. Let’s check out the menus and take it from there.


Not a bargain. And you can get a decent entree at the Kettle an Quaint and also Duck & Duck for less.


25 bucks for a 3 course meal isn’t bad, but it’s not exactly a bargain. Maybe on the upper east side it is.

Tequilla Mockingbird

“2 course lunch menu for $10” is very affordable and the restaurants participating in this initiative should be saluted not criticized.

Oh and that visceral fear of the “yuppie hipsters” coming from scary Manhattan to good old Sunnyside where they start turning 99c stores into mixology bars and transforming eyebrow threading salons into organic bodegas …

Not over that yet?



The restaurants in the area are giving discounts, why is anyone complaining?

If you don’t want to participate because they aren’t feeding you for free, then don’t participate.


What’s with all these cheap people in this neighborhood. $25 for a 3-course meal is nothing!
What are you buying for dinner that’s any less? A sack of Whitecastle burgers? A slice of pizza?
Well, if that’s entertainment for you, then good luck with that.
And, yes, I am new to the neighborhood. I’m helping to elevate the level of cuisine around here.


@sphates me. It’s pretty rare that I agree with you, but I’m with you on this one. I’m not sure that $25 for a three course meal will be much of a discount. It’s a lot more than I usually spend for a meal in the area, (or in Manhattan for that matter- I go to low-key places if I go out at all.)


$25 for 3 courses for THOSE restaurants is too expensive. This isn’t Manhattan people. as much as you yuppie hipsters try to convince yourself just because its a hop skip away.


What happened to Cafe Marlene? It used to be such a pretty restaurant. I don’t like the renovation.

Dorothy Morehead

I agree–I love Taste of Sunnyside. You get to try food from a variety of restaurants and it’s a great social event.


This is wonderful. It’s a shame that Sunnyside Shines will not be hosting the Taste of Sunnyside this fall.


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