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Sunnyside Synagogue Puts on Purim Party

March 20, 2014 Staff report

Members of Young Israel of Sunnyside, an Orthodox synagogue located on 46th Street (43rd Ave), celebrated the popular ancient custom of Purim last Sunday at the Sunnyhill Common Room in Woodside.

Purim is a Jewish holiday that commemorates the deliverance of the Jewish people in the ancient Persian Empire from destruction in the wake of a plot by Haman, a high-ranking Persian leader, who sought to kill them.

Members of Young Israel celebrated Purim by giving each other gifts of food and drink. Furthermore, members of the synagogue followed Jewish tradition by dressing up in costumes, symbolizing the idea that reality is not always reflected in what you expect or see.

The party had an international theme this year, inspired by the diversity of the Sunnyside Jewish community and Sunnyside at large. Ethnic costumes and flags were on display and Chinese, Israeli, Mexican, and Japanese food was served for lunch. Guests marked their country of origin on a large map.

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The drama was all in the Book of Esther, which was read out at the event…
That story had plenty of sex, death and bloodshed! (No guns though, sorry).

ca$h munnee

yeah, i guess you’re right. aside from a couple a nachos knocked off the plate this scene is too perfect for me… this aint nothin but a nice, clean story with a happy ending. i guess we need some a those once in a while.

Tawn Shornton

@Cash munnee

If you’re looking for sensationalism, stories with sex, death, blood and gore to titillate you, try the NY Post.

ca$h munnee

nothing against my Jewish friends but anytime theres a SSP discussion about their events there is absolutely no interest. For comments and thoughts, I’m dry. Were there any guns and cash fanned out on the table anywhere? Any guys in hoodies lurking in a corner? Hipster writing a screenplay on a typewriter in the corner? Gimme some material…


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