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Sunnyside Building Deemed ‘Imminently Perilous to Life’ Due to Crumbling Facade

The sidewalk around the building at 39-01 Queens Blvd has been closed off with caution tape (Queens Post Photo)

Jan. 20, 2020 By Allie Griffin (Updated)

A Sunnyside building with a gym, a dollar store and a pre-K center was shut down Sunday after a chunk of concrete fell from its facade.

A two-foot-long section of concrete fell from the front of the building at 39-01 Queens Blvd. — which houses New York Sports Club, a Dollar Tree as well as the pre-K program for Sunnyside Community Services. The concrete landed onto the sidewalk, according the the Department of Buildings (DOB).

DOB inspectors were called to the scene early Sunday morning and found additional cracks in other areas of the two-story commercial building and the building has been cordoned off.

No injuries were reported as a result of the crumbling Sunnyside building façade, a DOB spokesperson said.

The inspectors determined its facade to be “imminently perilous to life” and ordered a full evacuation of the premises until the issue is fixed.

Signs posted on the door of 39-01 Queens Blvd by the DOB and NYSC (Queens Post Photo)

New York Sports Club posted a sign stating it is closed until a date to be determined and that members can use nearby locations in the meantime. The entrance to Sunnyside pre-K program with the Queens Boulevard entrance is closed–although Sunnyside Community Services and its center remains open.

The DOB issued a violation to the building’s owner, Rhodes Management, for failure to maintain the building, as well as an order to install a sidewalk shed in front of the building to protect pedestrians.

Once the shed is installed, the department will lift the vacate order.

In the meantime, caution tape has been placed around the sidewalk surrounding the property.

Just last week, a 67-year-old woman was killed by falling debris from a building in Flushing and in December, another woman was killed by a falling piece of building facade in Manhattan.

Rhodes Management didn’t immediately return a request for comment.

Vacate Building sign is posted at Sunnyside Up, a pre-K at Sunnyside Community Services

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It's been lifted.

But I don’t know how much good the shed will do if another piece falls from another area.


This is more about the landlord not taking proper care of the building than it is about the gym/school/store being responsible. The structure of the building is the responsibility of the person who owns/manages this building but I agree that keeping the school open is a very BAD decision. It’s a non-profit community center, come on! Have some consideration for the safety of the people who you let inside your building (staff included!)


NYSC Sunnyside is the worse, anyway. They had shut down before, once because of electrical problems, another because they had no water. They also hadn’t had hot water for 8 days prior to the latest shut down, they randomly close sections of the gym for repair, the equipment is not properly maintained, and some of the stuff are simply nasty.


Very convenient. So excited to schlep to Astoria or Greenpoint in 20 degree weather! I’d rather a refund.


Exactly my thoughts… this is just the beginning starts with this then kicking out the tenants, then bringing this building down and make another way tooo expensive hi rise that nobody can afford… same old story..greed greed greed…

G. E Toonkel.

Jim, Sunnyside Community Services entrance is around the corner, past the gym, it is OPEN.
If needbe, reread the post.


As a concerned parent I receive a notice that PreK school will be open. Don’t really know how safe this really is.

This is so sad.

Although I have smelled sewage in Dollar Tree, it’s a shame because pretty much all of the people who use the building, NEED to use the building, whether to work or be able to work (day care center). I hope they fix it and do something about that vacant for years lot right next to it.


How unfortunate that this building has a prek and senior center and they will most likely continue to operate because money is more important. How incredibly sad this is Sunnysides “community center” someone please call DOH and Buildings operations if this rat infested structurally damaged building is open tomorrow. Dollar tree and gym included!!!!

No Need for Greed

It’s probably part of scheme by the greedy land developers to have the building demolished and replace by ‘affordable’ hipster housing.


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