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Sunnyside Memorial for George Floyd Draws Large Crowds

Memorial for George Floyd on Skillman Avenue in Sunnyside (Photo courtesy of Brent O’ Leary)

June 3, 2020 By Michael Dorgan

A memorial that has gone up in front of a Sunnyside woman’s home honoring George Floyd is gaining plenty of attention and many supporters.

The memorial – which contains a picture of Floyd and several signs – was erected Monday outside the home of local singer Cathy Maguire at the corner of Skillman Avenue and 45th Street.

Maguire, an Irish immigrant, said she put up the memorial to commemorate Floyd’s life after he was killed by a Minneapolis police officer last week.

Maguire, in a Facebook video, said she hopes the tribute would also spark discussion about race relations in America.

The memorial went up Monday when Maguire placed a framed painting of Floyd inside her front garden fence.

The words “Justice for George” were printed above the illustration and candles were placed around it.

Memorial for George Floyd on Skillman Avenue (Photo courtesy of Brent O’ Leary)

People came out in large numbers to the memorial to pay their respect for Floyd, Maguire said on Facebook. Many residents, she added, wanted to show their solidarity so she put up a large board for people to sign.

Residents wrote messages like “rest in peace George,” “black lives matter,” and “no justice, no peace, rest in power.” Others have placed candles and flowers in front of the memorial.

The board has quickly filled up and the fence is now lined with about a dozen more signs of remembrance.

On Tuesday evening a large crowd gathered in front of the memorial and Maguire sang a rendition of Amazing Grace. Many sang along.

Maguire told her Facebook followers that she was amazed by the reaction from local residents.

“The response has been unbelievable, people have been coming along with their families….. people of all ages, of all ethnicities,” she said.

“New York is a very sad place to be at the moment,” Maguire said. “A lot of people are coming to say that this is not the New York that they knew, this is not the America that they knew.”

Civic organizer Brent O’Leary, who attended the event Tuesday, told the crowd that Sunnyside is standing together against racism and the community will make sure that change happens.

“Nobody should ever be treated differently, especially by our law enforcement and our government,” he said.

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stop the garbage

Self-aggrandizing singer. Did she do a tribute to Martin Luther King who really deserves one? Or our brave men in uniform who have been murdered?

Mike T

@Marie- Your post isn’t exactly clear. So criminals should be murdered in the streets? Show the rest of what video? Investigators have shown all videos to public except police body camera and they do not add up to the narrative in the police report. The Caucasian officer on scene did suggest repositioning the man in custody out of concern for departmental guide lines. Your racial descriptions are outdated. Are you gullible enough to believe this cop wouldn’t do this to you? Ask his wife who has used this event to make her escape.,

Claire Miller

This comes as no surprise. Cathy is a gifted singer and communicator. The girl has a heart of gold and has turned her garden into a spectacular space in Sunnyside. My daughter and I never miss her St Patrick’s Day for all gathering.

Well done Cathy. Thank you for all you do.


When De Blasio cited “that John Lennon song” he could only have been referring to “Helter Skelter.” That’s where we are now.


George Floyd was a criminal with over a dozen arrests. Why don’t they show the rest of the video. These poor officers – 2 of whom were minorities. One was negro and the other was oriental. Tell the truth.

George Floyd blew me you up in Armagh back in 1990?

Oh no, he was murdered by police, on video.

Do you know what article you’re commenting on? ?

Whatever happened to social distancing?

Apparently corona virus can only be spread at church services and spring break festivities.

Don’t hear much criticism of rioters and protestors gathering in large numbers in violation of social distancing rules. It’s a medical miracle!

Open up a business, get in trouble.

Loot a business, no prob.

This insanity brought to you by demoncrats.


Sister – I believe what you posted is called a deflection and totally unrelated to the topic at hand. Shame on you.


since the protesters are here, when can we expect sunnyside to burn down? asking for a friend.

They are protesting police murdering George Floyd by kneeling on his neck for 9 minutes while he screamed "I can't breathe"

Yikes, you’re REALLY out of the loop.

Trump lovers can’t address police brutality, what else can you do but conflate protestors and rioters? You don’t even know the difference, sad!


I don’t remember any English singers putting up memorials for me when the British army gunned me down at a protest in Derry

Sister Catherine Dunne

I don’t remember any Irish singers putting up memorials for me when the IRA blew me up in Armagh back in 1990…just sayin’

They are protesting the police murdering George Floyd

You’re comparing them to three decades of terrorism.

And they say Trump lovers are out of touch…

Spirited Sunnysider

You clearly were not ‘blown up’ when you are still here writing comments on the internet….

Also people usually get memorials when they have died…so unless you’re writing this from being the grave???

It’s concerning how many people liked this ridiculous comment….????


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