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Sunnyside Library to Reopen Thursday, a Month Ahead of Schedule

July 21, 2014 By Christian Murray

The installation of a new roof at Sunnyside library has been completed—about a month faster than officials had originally anticipated.

The library, located at 43-06 Greenpoint Ave., will reopen Thursday after being closed since June 24 to allow for the construction of the new roof. At the time, Queens library officials anticipated that it would take until mid August to complete.

The closure, while necessary, came at a difficult time for many children.

Thomas P. Noonan Playground, which is located across the street, was closed and is expected to remain so until next summer when its $2.2 million renovation is complete.

However, the speed in which it took to put up the new roof proved to be a win-win for Sunnyside, according to Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer. “We now have a roof that will last a generation and a library that will be open for most of summer,” he said.

Van Bramer said that with Thomas P Noonan Playground being closed, he made it clear that he wanted the new roof to go up as quickly as possible.

Van Bramer, however, said that the closure did put greater pressure on the Woodside branch, since it has had to handle the overflow of Sunnyside members.

Van Bramer said he is pushing to have the Woodside branch’s hours increased from five day to six day service—along with other Queens branches.

The installation of the new roof comes five years after the Sunnyside library underwent a $2.3 million renovation, which included interior and exterior improvements.

Van Bramer, who allocated $600,000 for the installation of the roof in 2013, said that the roof was not done as part of the $2.3 million renovation. He said that there were growing concerns in recent times that it was going to leak.

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43rd & 43rd

Thanks for the link, Kramden. What a scam.

I agree they should go to 6-day service. It’s impossible to go to our library if you work a normal office job in the city — that’s ridiculous. Oh, I could get ebooks online (never mind the terrible selection). Just kidding, first I need to go to a library in person to renew my card, and I can’t get there before they close on weekdays. And they’re not open at all on weekends. Great logic there.

Anony Mouse

Jimmy gives 2x more money to an annual local gay pride parade than to kids programs. says a lot about the man.


There have a bunch of different DVDs at the Woodside branch that I’ve been enjoying, but the Sunnyside library is a more pleasant experience. I’ve notice the plantings in the wooden boxes all seem to be doing well- is anyone watering them?


Terrific! I miss my library. Thanks Jimmy Van Bramer. Thank you Pat for the 7 day tip.

John Z

I’m glad that this article gives more information on the “5 year roof” now knowing it was not part of the renovation now makes sense to me and I dont feel as screwed.. Now to get rid of Thomas Galante…

Patricia Dorfman

This is GREAT news, both about the fast work and the woodside hours! all the “kids” who use the sunnyside library a lot, (like me) are happy, and can move forward on kids coding classes. also really like the outdoor book return.

thank you, jimmy van bramer

queens libraries are amazing. order any book online and they send it to the branch of your choice and send you a notice. all free. the woodside branch staffers are the friendliest and most helpful I have met. LIC also great. no offense, sunnyside

tip on seven day books: if no one has reserved, you can keep renewing online.


Yes, let’s do away with government services – libraries, roads, traffic lights and while we re at it, schools. The results will be great.

Anony Mouse

great, maybe now the homeless bums in across the street can use the library bathroom instead of the bushes in the park, it smells like 30 people died in there.

Do we gotta pay for this roof again in 5 years? most people get 25 years out of a roof. How come this one now will “last a generation”?

Tony Baloney

Celtic Bark, if you actually read the article it points out that a new roof was not part of the renovations done five years ago. The existing roof has been up for more than a decade.


Celtic Bark is right. Everytime I go by the park, there is no one working there. No wonder it’ll take until next summer.

Celtic Bark

PS Every time I’ve passed Noonan Park during the day the last 2 or 3 weeks, I haven’t seen one iota of activity. There’s nobody working. It seems like they tore the place apart, went away and forgot about it.

Celtic Bark

Can anyone please explain why the previous roof job only lasted five years? And why isn’t anyone looking into it?


Leave it to Van Bremer to get the job done! He’s the only politician you can count on.


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