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Sunnyside Gardens Park Members Pay Tribute to Pat Tunney– Tonight

Pat Tunney, from The Copper Kettle (Photo: QueensPost)

March 20, 2013 By Bill Parry

Members of Sunnyside Gardens Park will hold their 5th annual Trivia Night this evening as a means to get together after a long winter and pay tribute to one of their generous donors Pat Tunney, the owner of The Copper Kettle.

The event, which will take place at the Kettle (50-24 Skillman Ave.) at 8 pm, is being held to bring park members together who haven’t seen one another since the end of last summer, said Roger Hitts, who is organizing the event.

Furthermore, it’s a way to honor Tunney, who has “donated tens of thousands of dollars to the park through the years,” Hitts said.

Tunney said that it has been worth donating funds to the park over the last decade.

“I always want money to go back into the community and the park is such a vital part of the neighborhood,” Tunney said. “The park needs the funding [given its recent renovations], and it’s money put into the right endeavor.”

Tonight’s event will also be open to non members– and will include cash prizes. “Plus, we give the Kettle some business during a midweek night,” Hitts said.

The trivia contest consists of 60 questions including geography, music, famous quotes and literature. The entry fee is $5 per person.

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Rick Duro

Oh, OM, the angry old man:)

We all know you will be standing by the fence, with this huge smile of glee, watching the pups romp thru our grande dog run, wishing you were allowed to have one. Maybe one day!

That new park ‘imposed’ upon you will be a beautiful addition to our great neighborhood and it’s brought to you by lots of wonderful folks and the letters S U D S.

The park in question is private. They can make whatever rules they want. Thankfully Lodati is public, where even kooks like you are welcome:)


Oppressed Masses

Why doesn’t this park have a recreation area for dogs such as is being imposed on those of us consigned to nearby Lodati Park? Oh wait, could it be that dog owners privileged to be accepted into Sunnyside Gardens Park don’t want dogs anywhere near where their children play?


Uhm, maybe they don’t want soccer and volleyball teams invading their place and leaving their urine and garbage all over the place?


@King of Queens

It’s private property and paid for and maintained by the members and donors like this gentleman. If it seems to you they are selective, you are right. They don’t want it to be a public park where any vandal, vagrant or trouble maker can waltz in. I don’t blame them.

King Of Queens

only a certain kind of person is allowed access to the park it is treated like a Country Club where only the right people wink, wink are allowed in.


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