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Sunnyside Chinese Restaurant Shut by Health Dept, One of Several in Recent Years


Photo: QueensPost

April 23, 2015 By Christian Murray

The Health Dept. doesn’t like Sunnyside’s Chinese restaurants—shutting down at least five in just the past three years.

The latest casualty is Sky Taste, located at 45-53 46 Streets, which racked up 57 points and was ordered closed Tuesday.

The restaurant, which has since reopened, was cited for having “live roaches present in facility’s food and/or non-food areas.” Another violation was: “Food source not protected from potential source of contamination during storage, preparation.”

The violations are similar to what its competitors have been closed for. Other Chinese restaurants ordered closed(temporarily) in recent times include:

1) Golden Wok, located at 42-18 43rd Avenue, ordered closed in June 2014 (see story);

2) New Wah Yeung’s Kitchen, located at 43-24 43rd Ave, ordered closed June 2012 (see story);

3) Mr.Wonton Chinese Restaurant, located at 44-11 Queens Blvd, ordered closed in 2010 and May 2012 (see story);

4) Rainbow Chinese Restaurant at 51-21 43rd Avenue, ordered closed Jan. 2013

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As usual a racist response from El Loco…Wouldn’t expect any better coming from that jerk

El loco

This is a cultural thing. Roaches are actually a delicacy for Chinese people. We step on them they eat them. Go figure.

Anthony Blackwood

they just opened a new one on 46st and 43 ave. i think its called “WE SOON BAC”

Below the belt

It’s unfortunate this happened especially to the business owners. It’s more unprofessional that this site has to broadcast to make the situation worse for the owners after they clean up pay fines and try to re open. But thanks for bringing extra light on them and embarrassing them more publicly here so the neighborhood doesn’t spend their money at the restaurant.


it’s not unprofessional at all man, We the people need to know what’s going on with the food and what is being served to us. I have called this site many thiings, but unprofessional isn’t one of them.

restaurants NEED to be embarrassed . SO hard that other restaurants take notice . we deserve better.


When the consumers safety and health is in jeopardy, I think it is worth reporting! They need to clean up their act and then maybe they won’t be posted on here.
Boohoo they’re “embarrassed” because they were fined for being dirty and unsanitary. Good!

Jake M.

I totally agree. We have a right to know when a restaurant puts its customers’ health in jeopardy. I must say, though, I didn’t need this article to tell me that this place is dirty.


that’s the sort of thing you might say if you owned one of these horrible unsafe restaurants.

mexicans for sinatra

see ya next week when you open a block over as panda fortune or golden wok!


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