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Sunnyside Bench Takes a Beating

Photo: QueensPost

Aug. 14, 2012 By Christian Murray

Just days after benches were installed throughout Sunnyside, one of them was flattened.

Last Tuesday night, a truck driver went around the corner by Ave Coffee House, located at 45-01 Greenpoint Ave, and knocked the bench out of the ground. At the same time, the trash can was crushed and some concrete from the sidewalk was ripped up.

The driver then fled the scene. There has been no word since as to who was responsible.

James Bray, executive director at Sunnyside Shines, said that the concrete will be patched up by the end of this week and the Department of Transportation will come in and install a new bench.

The Department of Transportation installed about a dozen benches throughout the shopping district earlier this month.

Meanwhile, a worker at Ave. Coffee House on Sunday said the incident has caused a lot of buzz inside the shop.

“That’s all everybody’s talking about.”

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Joey Spagna


Lucky Lu

Ruben, obviously the message has not gotten through to you. You and your discriminatory comments need to CHAAAAAAAAAAANGE!


Too bad that bum who is always spitting and asking for CHAAAANGE wasn’t sitting on the bench when this happened.


Those benches have been getting some good use by the neighborhood. I’m happy we have them.

It sickens me the lack of respect some people (and truck drivers!) have.


I guess this isn’t the best placement for the bench. Maybe move them back from the curb a bit? Also there really should be footage from a biz along GP Ave of the truck, but I really doubt the NYPD will put the time and effort into investigating.


Probably truck was doing the same thing everytime he turned, but this time he had obstruction.. And he didn’t care.
It must be a local delivery, isn’t it? I thought trucks were not allowed on greenpoint avenue unles sit was a local delivery?

Matt C

A truck did the same thing to a fire hydrant at 46th and Queens Blvd. a couple of weeks ago. I sent a pic to the TIPS website, but I have no idea if they followed up on the rig. 46th is too narrow for big rigs.


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