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Summer Pub Crawl to Take Place on Skillman Ave. Saturday

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June 6, 2013 By Bill Parry

A group of bars and restaurants on Skillman Avenue have organized a BBQ themed pub crawl to take place on Saturday, with the aim of celebrating the arrival of summer and raising funds for the beautification of the Avenue.

The group, known as The Skillman Project, has held three pub crawls in the past year. This one is called the Skillman Avenue BBQ Crawl and it is tied to Saturday’s 145th running of the Belmont Stakes and summer.

There are nine bars/restaurants participating in the event—and attendees will be served $3 beers from 3pm until late.

There will also be plenty of food on offer.

The Copper Kettle, located at 50-24 Skillman Ave., plans on offering pulled pork sandwiches, Mexican nachos, chorizo with pico de gallo and ribs.

Meanwhile, Paul Flynn, the owner of Flynn’s Garden Inn (46-08 Skillman Ave.), plans to “fire up the barbie in the beer garden” and offer up chicken and ribs, burgers and hot dogs.

The Brogue, located at 49-10 Skillman Ave., is keeping it simple with hot dogs and hamburgers.

To partake in the festivities, attendees are required to register at The Brogue between 3 pm and 5 pm, and buy a $5 wristband. The wristband is needed in order to get the $3 beer price at all nine restaurants/bars.

Proceeds from the wristband sales will go toward beautifying Skillman Avenue.

“We want to add flower boxes and more festive lighting for the holidays.” said Pat Tunney, owner of The Copper Kettle.

The BBQ theme poses something of a culinary challenge for Ana Kitich, the owner of Cafe Marlene (41-11 49th St.). “We’ll come up with something different with our crepes,” Kitich said. “It will be a surprise.”

Other establishments taking part in Saturday’s Skillman Avenue BBQ Crawl include: Aubergine Cafe, Quaint Bistro, Claret Wine Bar, Murphy’s Bar and The Dog and Duck.


Date: Saturday, June 8

Registration time: 3 pm to 5 pm

Location of Registration: The Brogue, 49-10 Skillman Ave.

Time: 3pm til late

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The concept of the event was great. We were happy to see people walk up and down the streets enjoying the event. However, the whole concept of the BBQ was disappointing. At 6PM some places ran out of food. We got to try bbq only from 2 places. As mentioned in the previous post, service was not that great in some of the venues.

Mike Novak

The Crawl was a lot of fun. Its great to see business owners working together and people having fun late into the night. Yes, the food did not start at Flynns until six, but is a great selection of chicken, hot dogs, burger, brats and keilbasa. Hats off to all those who worked hard to make it a success!

Sunnyside Drunk

Went on the pub crawl and it was fun but the deals were a little disappointing… still made the mistake of consuming too much and left my purse at the Dog and Duck. Came back the next morning where the purse was still at the Dog and Duck but it had been cleaned out of my wallet and phone. The gold wallet didn’t have any cash (and the cards were cancelled) and the phone is an old piece of crap so I don’t think they’ll be worth much.

If you’re the thief, please consider returning the wallet to the address on the ID – it will be good karma and I will be forever grateful. You can even throw it in the mail for an anonymous return and I won’t make any effort to track you down. I just want my stuff back.

Paul M.

I went on the BBQ pub crawl. The outcome? After buying a bracelet at the “Brogue” and receiving info, I walked up to “The Copper Kettle.” I sat at the bar and had a nice summer ale. The waitress promised to bring me the special BBQ menu, but she and the bartender forgot about me though I was 3 feet away in a nearly empty establishment as they talked to another customer, so I left. Went to “Aubergine.” They had some nice things on their menu but they don’t server beer so I didn’t go inside but walked to “Cafe Marlene.” Their sign advertised a Special BBQ Chicken Panini, but I don’t consider a panini barbecue, so I didn’t go inside. Went to “Murphy’s.” Mike Murphy was in there making everyone feel welcome. I had a beer on tap and ordered Clams & Oysters which were great tasting. Next I went to “Quaint.” Their drink special was a can of beer for $3 (it wasn’t even draught) and the BBQ ribs never came. Seems that even though it was their special on the BBQ Special Pub Crawl, they had to make it special. After 20 minutes I left. Had a beer on tap at “Flynn’s” were I was told the barbecue grill wouldn’t be started until after 5 o’clock (even though the crawl started at 3pm) So nothing to eat there. “Claret” had a nice (but small) pulled pork sandwich. Tasted good and it was free. But after all that beer, I didn’t want to mix with wine so I left. Finished at Dog & Duck with another $3 beer and an order of ribs. They seemed to have been reheated in a microwave (real hot but not from a grill) and covered in too much cheap tasting barbecue sauce. But at least I was left with 3 bones for my dog. Later on talking to a couple I saw on the pub crawl, I asked them how they felt about it. Their answers were “disappointing” and “rip-off”. So that’s it… Nothing great, nothing special!


Money side must b one miserable person.Stay at home and count ur money. We don’t need u or your stupid comments

Blvd of Guinness

The mardi gras pub crawl in Feb was fun. Great atmosphere and for a good cause.

Hoove Hearted


What’s stopping you from organizing an event more in line with your own ideals? If a pub crawl isn’t your thing, may I suggest you just don’t participate.


I would like to see more events promoting unity in the community rather than promoting anti-social behavior like this. Binge drinking is not cool


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