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Street Artist Paints Mural on 43rd Street

Freddie “Free5” Rodriguez (Photo George Burles)

March 10, 2014 By George Burles

A local artist painted a new mural on the wall of the laundromat at Greenpoint Avenue and 43rd Street.

Freddie “Free5” Rodriguez painted the new mural while two of his friends refreshed the mural beside it.

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all your comments are based off a photo of an unfinished mural go check it out in person and those aren’t dollar signs those are 5’s graffiti lives



I know I’m going to get railed on for this opinion, but I’m entirely supportive of that. It would bring non-Sunnysiders to the area and help support local businesses. 5Pointz on the weekend was bustling with art lovers, even though the area is otherwise relatively desolate.

It also helps prevent tagging. If I had a bazillion dollars, that is totally something I would try to promote in teh area.


Has anyone ever reported graffiti in progress? Called the 108th to report it? They want you to stay at the location and speak to them when they finally get there. Nothing I would prefer to do than wait a couple of hours on a desolate street watching the graffiti guys do their work and then punch me in my face after they realized I called the cops on them!

art lover!

Hey, Lets make Greenpoint Ave the New 5 Pointz! 2 birds, one stone! Take that Brooklyn Hipsters!


@Kramden’s Delicious Marshall

I know, I live a block from the school’s mural. My theory, personally, is that slighlty older kids were the ones responsible for screwing up the kid’s mural. But murals by “real” artists rarely get tagged.

South Side Johnny

I’d like a pastoral scene, with some flora and fauna. Maybe with a bear and some deer. Or how about a mural like the one I saw in Pawnee, IA in the Town Hall? A mural that tells the history of Sunnyside with artistic depictions of the past glories. Like when they filmed scenes from Spiderman right on…I think it was 45th Street. That’s something I haven’t stopped talking about!

Kramden's Delicious Marshall


Well the school mural got tagged pretty good. Scroll down to the story on that. But yes, generally speaking, a blank wall looks a lot more inviting to taggers than one with a sanctioned mural.


ha ha ha none of you can do any better …..just talk and talk nonsense. that why iam aq leadser and all you are followers……………………………FU



I totally agree. If people haven’t noticed, the “real” murals in this neighborhood never get tagged. That’s one of the main points in doing something like this. It also, I think, is lovely.

Kramden's Delicious Marshall

@Pumped U Up Putin

They have the property owner’s permission. What they were doing was perfectly legal.

Pumped U Up Putin

no cops around to slap the cuffs on the vandal? oh yeah, forgot…, this is the 108

Kramden's Delicious Marshall

For those wanting to see a specific kind of art work and you have a wall that can be used, ask a local artist(s) to paint one to your taste.


Freddie is very talented, from the neighborhood and been doing this a long time. There’s a reason his stuff never gets tagged over.


I agree with CRANE
A nice skyline would be more acceptable.
Beautiful flower garden

But this just looks like grafitti

Artist had good intentions but ……………….


The solution to tagging is the repeated application of a baseball bat to the hands and or head of the “artist”. This gentleman had the property owner’s permission, and like it or not it’s the owner’s choice if he wants this type of art on his walls.


I like it a lot and think we should do this more often to open walls. Much better than the tagging that goes on around here!


What is that supposed to be? Why not a nice skyline or a sunset or a view or something, instead they just spray a confusing mess that does not really reflect the neighborhood. I would prefer just bricks over this, but once the original brick is painted over, the whole thing is gone anyway.

Celtic Bark

There’s a piece on the far left of the wall not shown here that looks pretty good although I don’t think it’s finished yet. It would be nice if they change the murals every few months to keep it interesting.

Ari Fink

Wow what a beautiful mural!!..How culturally enriching! !!…A little taste of Bushwick comes to Sunnyside!!!!..Now if we can only get the Transvestite bar in Woodside to relocate here!!!..Amazing how our diversity makes us stronger!!!..What a talented Artist!!!


I saw the new mural out walking on Saturday morning.

Gonna look real good once there are some LEAVES on the trees! 🙂

Here’s to more color and more murals! Graffiti writers tend to respect a mural more than a bare stretch of brick. The dentist office around the block has an irregular patchwork of brown splotches on the stucco, covering different waves of graffiti. Here’s a tip… hire this guy!


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