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Spider-Man trailer released, includes some Sunnyside scenes


Dec. 9, 2016 Staff Report

The trailer for the #SpidermanHomecoming was released Thursday and includes several Sunnyside scenes.

Marvel has released the trailer just 2 ½ months since the production crew took over a large chunk of Sunnyside late September to shoot a multitude of scenes.

The production crew did a lot of filming at the time on the northern side of Queens Boulevard, between 44th and 45th Streets. One of these shots makes it into the trailer.

Several scenes that were shot in the former Dime Bank on the corner of Queens Blvd/ 43rd Street are also in the trailer.

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Are these jokes about sending Spiderman the gay bars in Jackson Heights about the fact that he wears spandex? Cute.

I love a good joke, but unfortunately I’m not seeing any.


All politics aside, entertain the idea that it just wasn’t a good joke.

Or don’t – because this is the comments section of the Sunnyside Post, an obscure internet cesspool and the last inaudible echo of “Original Sunnysiders”

Don’t worry, what I wrote is just a joke. Don’t be sensitive about it.

Fan of dough boy park

If it’s an obscure internet cess pool and the last inaudible echo of ” Original Sunnysiders” why have you posted here often? ” one of us…one of us…one of us”

Pearl cream

Oil, beef, hooked: the term “Politically correct”is an ignorant code for the right to be behave rudely and without manners


Yes spidey, take the #7, go to jackson heights. Actually your better off walking ,the 7 probably will be delayed or overcrowded

Top of the morning to ya

Spiderman theres alot of clubs and bars for you on roosevelt between 74st up to the 80s. Alot of young men that dress like you, and go swinging around

Atlas Mugged

In related news, Jimmy Van Bramer has enlisted the help of Spiderman to combat rabid Trump voters who are sweeping across Sunnyside like barbarian hordes, attacking any minorities they come across. Press conference and march across the bridge tonight at 6.


and still another sour loser get over it Trump won – people never did this when OBAMA won I wonder why –


When Obama won, he wasn’t very well known and there was irrational racist feelings fueled by ugly rumors that he was secretly a Muslim who was a supporter of radical Black Nationalists. Trump, on the other hand, is too well known around here. We’ve seen much evidence of his petulant bullying sort of behavior, we’ve watched him publicly feud with various people, we’ve seen so many of his business ventures come and go, and we’ve watched his ostentatious aesthetic style as he tried so hard to be a playboy/power broker as he cheated openly on Ivanka with Marla, whom then got dumped for Melania. By the time his TV show came around, he was already a farce, viewed by most NYers as a slightly entertaining boor and in no way presidential material. The ridiculous campaign he ran further revealed his temperament to be grossly ill-suited for the office and his skills barely adequate for the actual job.

I remember that there were many “sour” losers after Obama trounced McCain/Palin. I have to wonder how you have forgotten- is your memory really so selective? Palin alone would go on blathering for months after the election, doing her best to sound knowledgeable and erudite by questioning each move that Obama made as he tried to clean up the huge mess Bush left behind.

Oil, beef, hooked

Obama was born and raised a muslim. He attended a madrassa in Indonesia that only allows muslims. He may have converted to Christianity but by islamic law that makes him an apostate and subject to very harsh punishment. If people suspect he may still be muslim, it is not without reason. And even so, why do you think it’s a bad thing if he is?

Gary C.

Oil – Were you born easily misled and predisposed to believe long debunked conspiracy theories or did it creep up on you over time?


you know what makes it even more Hillaryious? A nobody knocking at the newly elected leader that has the power to fire you in a split second next month.

Common Sense

And he’s certainly turning the state of politics and governance into russia. Nobody trusts the press, Putin routinely lies to russians and the world, holds scripted press conferences; there are no civil rights, and racism is rampant. Disinformation and unpredictability is normal. Facts are irrelevant.

Yeah, this is what xenophobic conservatism wants.

Bulimic Panda

Many Sunnysiders will have devious lustful thoughts of his cotton web loins, but Bulimic Panda is here to provide moral support to our failed community. When Satan offers you lemonade, remember G-d created lemons. I love all of you and IPA. The Bulimic Panda always prays. Amen.

Fan of Dough boy park

In our turbulent world filled with hate, ignorance and depression, I always turn to the light that is Bulimic Panda. G-d bless you panda, wherever you are!


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