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Smart car catches fire, traffic temporarily closed on Northern Blvd.

March 8, 2017 Staff Report

A smart car caught on fire in Woodside this morning temporarily closing down traffic on Northern Boulevard.

The FDNY received a call at 12:07 pm that a car was in flames on Northern Blvd by 50th Street. The department quickly brought the fire under control, the FDNY said. There were no injuries reported.

The FDNY had no further details.

Source: Dorothy Morehead

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Looks like the car dealer behind the wreck is very reputable. “X” used cars ! They have like2 used cars, and the salesman looking at the wreck is trying to sell it for el loco for $19.95


Nice car el loco, you couldnt fight your way out of a burning smart car. Ah hahahahahah el joko

Smell loco

Skill-less man– they rent those little coffins down northern past 39st on the left

Not mac or el loco

Did el loco and his fictional wife get out ok. Im worried, if not who would i goof on ,macs in hiding in the jackson heights post. Funny oh and i hope al loco had his seat belt on

El loco

Ha, ha. My whole family – wife Ellie, brother Al, cousin Elvira and son Elliot will all be putting dislikes on your comment. You will not defeat the Locotelli’s!

Elvis loco

Where did you take the names from ? Ellie Mae clampett? Al grampa Munster? Elvira princess of the dark? Elliot Gould?

im a russian ambassador hipster living in sunnyside

what a break this guy got, theres like 25 car dealerships within 500 ft!!!


Is this one of those rideshare cars?
Who inspects or regulates them? Some big shot is making money while people drive these death traps.


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