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Shirtless Cyclist Snatches Man’s Cellphone

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June 24, 2015 By Michael Florio

A man had his cell phone snatched last week by a shirtless thief on a bicycle, according to police.

The 48-year-old victim was walking on 52nd Street between Roosevelt Ave and Skillman Ave on June 17, when a shirtless cyclists rode up to him from behind and grabbed his Samsung Galaxy Note cell phone at about 11 pm, according to the NYPD.

The police have video of the suspect riding on the sidewalk.

The suspect was described as dark skinned, male, riding a dark colored bicycle.

Police are asking anyone with any information to call 1-800-577-TIPS.

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couldn’t he just pull out a gun and shoot the thief? i mean, who wouldn’t? Also, whats the point of stealing it? Once the carrier locks the phone, then its pretty much just a basic multimedia player on the go with a bad ESN. the simpleton thief is probably “special needs”.


what is our wonderful counselman Jimmy saying about this whole thing — oh wait he is to busy with LIC people — and where are the cops they are never ever around roosevelt avenue at all and this includes Woodside —


i saw one of them down here near the lie & greenpoint asking for money yesterday ….the first one in years, so be careful dont leave anything obvious in your cars.


You SAW one? One what? A person asking for money? You’re assuming that that person is also a thief and will break into a car and steal?


Oh, that’s right: Rikki, the one who judges people by the color of their skin. So nice to have you around.

Sunnyside up

If our current city council dreams come true we the hard working taxpayer will pay taxpayer money for this guys bail when he is caught. Please vote this crazy administration out


That’s such a silly thing to say. I think the Mayor is doing okay; if you could do better, why not start campaigning and see if anyone votes for you.

I think it’s more important to support the city and the folks we elected than it is to cry like a bunch of babies because you didn’t get your way. This robbery had NOTHING to do with JVB, with DeBlasio, or bicyclists in general. Robberies are not a huge problem in our neighborhood; this was just a random thief, but everyone seems to crawl out from the woodwork and tries to blame our elected officials. If you spent half as much time contributing in a positive way as you do bitching and moaning, this city would be getting better everyday. As it is, all we ever hear are whiners.

Sunnyside up

I’m just telling you the legislation that they are considering,, the rest of your rant is all your whining


@Sunnyside up Below is a copy of New York Daily News article from 2012. Deblasio has only been in office since 2014. We see you’re a Fox informed idiot.
Legislation passed by state lawmakers last week with approval from Gov. Cuomo could free thousands of jailed Bronxites.

Sponsored by state Sen. Gustavo Rivera (D-Bronx), the new law will allow charitable organizations statewide to post bail – up to $2,000 – for poor defendants held on misdemeanor charges.

The Cuomo-vetted bill is an amended version of legislation that the governor rejected after it cleared the Senate and Assembly last summer, Rivera said.

Poor defendants often admit guilt rather than miss work while waiting on Rikers Island for trial.

“Right now, many people plead guilty because they can’t afford bail,” he said. “This law is about making the system more just.”

Rivera based the bill on the Bronx Freedom Fund, a program that posted bail for 120 Bronx defendants from 2007 to 2009.

The program – shut down by a Bronx judge over legal issues- targeted first-offenders arrested for petty crimes such as drugs and graffiti. In 2010, 16,649 New York defendants were unable to make bail set at $1,000 or less.

Rivera said 93% of the defendants helped by the Bronx Freedom Fund showed up for every subsequent court date and 54% had their cases dismissed.

The old version of the bill would have established a three-year pilot program. The new version caps the charitable bail amount at $2,000 but will remain on the books permanently.

Rivera expected the legislation to pass last year but had to rework it to appease Cuomo, he said.

The law could gum up the already-busy Bronx justice system with more trials. But Robin Steinberg, executive director of the Bronx Defenders, said the legislation will help ensure that “justice is no longer determined by the size of your bank account.”

The bill will become law after Cuomo signs it later this year.

Sunnyside up

Perhaps you should google Melissa mark viverito and city will pay bail. The first article among many is the daily news dated June’s 17th. You should try drinking some chamomile tea at night time it might calm you down with the name calling. I don’t have a tv nor do I buy the post or look at anything fox online,the way you makes things up you sound like a laid off rolling stone reporter


robberies are most certainly up in Sunnyside and Woodside there is alot that the police are not reporting –


Also, don’t walk around like a zombie holding your expensive smartphone up in the air. Easy pickings!


“One more reason to hate bikers.”-Sunnysider
You mean cyclists not bikers. And this fool is not a cyclist. Just a fool on a bike. Don’t hate an entire group cause of one fool. Replace group with the word race. What would that make you?


One more reason to hate bikers.
Good luck catching him, make sure you put locks on your phone and activate any security feature that may be available from your phone company.

Time to start checking craigslist for a cheap Note phone and catch these thieves.


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