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Seven Story, 23 Unit Building Going Up on Queens Boulevard

Plans have been filed for a 7-story, 23-unit building at 39-29 Queens Blvd., at the former OT location. (Photo: Queens Post)

July 6, 2019, Staff Report

Construction has begun on a seven story, 23-unit development on Queens Boulevard between 39th Place and 40th Street.

The development, which is going up at 39-29 Queens Blvd., will consist of ground floor retail, with apartments on the upper floors.

The developer, Farid Adhami of Leopold 21 LLC in Astoria, bought the property in April 2018 for $3.9 million. The property was listed in 2016 for $4.9 million and was marketed at the time as a “prime development site.”

The property had been occupied in 2014 and 2015 by a bar/ restaurant called OT. The venue operated for two years and offered an eclectic mix of Greek food, cocktails and sports.

This stretch of Sunnyside was rezoned R7A with a C1-4 commercial overlay by City Planning in 2011, allowing the owner to build a structure four times the size of the lot. Prior to the 2011 rezoning, sites on this block were zoned R5, where buildings were not permitted to be more than 1.25 times the lot area.

Demolition permits have not been filed since Adhami’s plans call for a “vertical enlargement.”

The site is next to the large corner lot at Queens Boulevard/40th Street that is home to Dazies Restaurant and a number of shuttered stores. It is also on the same block as the restaurant Tangra.

Plans have been filed for a 7-story, 23 unit building at 39-29 Queens Blvd (in purple). The site is next to the corner lot occupied by Dazies and several shuttered stores at Queens Blvd./40th St. (Map: City Planning). On the 39th Place side is Tangra, a restaurant, located at 39-23 Queens Blvd.

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I dont understand something, why there is so many new buildings constructions in queens Blvd and when they finish those buildings ended up empty for years ??


I guess people will be riding on top of the 7 traaaain to get to work soon.


Is this affordable housing for the struggling middle class or more housing for the upper class?

Any plans for shuttered and padlocked buildings for over a decade on 47 Avenue between 39 and 40 Streets. It has become a site for vagrancy.

Any plans for shuttered site for over 3 decades on 47th Ave. between 40 and 41 Streets.


It’s almost certainly going to be high-end housing. No one is going to build middle class housing considering that there is still so much demand for high-end development. If all these projects were twenty floor buildings instead of seven, maybe we’d see more middle class stuff due to market saturation.


from what I have been told there are a couple of people still living in there.


Why only 7 stories my end of Woodside starting at 74 street and queens Blvd to 61 street has insane 13 story building going up.. the amount of traffic and over crowding subways are going to unbearable upon completion.

Sara Ross

How many more people do we need living in Queens? How many will be receiving social benefits, won’t learn English and add to the already over crowded cattle cars (uh, I mean subway)? We need stores!!!!


Sara – Why don’t you ask Fox News, they seem to have the answers someone like you would want to hear? The new building will be packed with rent subsidized welfare receiving illegals and inmates with Obama phones and EBT cards. Now go on your offensive way Sara.


Finally. Some of the lots near 40th street have been sitting there for awhile with no changes.

The more housing the better.


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