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OT Lounge Listed For Sale After A Rocky Stint On Queens Blvd


Feb. 2, 2016 Staff Report

OT, the Greek restaurant located at 39-31 Queens Blvd., is for sale.

The business has been listed on Craigslist. The ad reads that more than $500,000 has been invested in the establishment and that it is ready to open for a new operator.

“All Reasonable Offers Accepted……Seller wants to Hear Numbers,” the ad reads.

OT opened in July 2014 and has had to endure many bumps in the road since its opening.

When it opened it announced that it would be offering live music, DJs and dancing. The owner, however, quickly received word from City officials that these activities were not sanctioned in accordance with its liquor license and it was forced to close.

The establishment did not reopen until January.

OT tried to showcase its cuisine by offering a free tasting during the summer, with Greek meatballs, salmon, chicken souvlaki and filet mignon as part of the event.

Then in September, the Health Department temporarily closed OT down claiming that there was evidence of mice and that there were fruit flies on the premises.

OT Inside

OT Inside

Chris Ioannides, who manages the restaurant, said at the time he was perplexed by the Health Department’s findings, claiming that he had an extermination company come to the restaurant three days prior to the inspection.

The restaurant features mirrors that wrap around the interior of the venue. It has high tables and tall stools and couches placed along the walls for its customers to hang out.

There are also big-screen TVs for sports fans.

The Craigslist ad reads “start making money” and “Make your dreams come true.”

The owner could not be reached for comment.

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Clearly they spent a good deal of $$ renovating but never had a cohesive idea of what they were trying to be. Sad. It’s not an easy business. Please bring PJs back, and someone open a movie theater, and let’s all pray that this place won’t next become yet another sports bar!

Back in My Day...blah blah blah

It was a gaudy joint build for Ditmars or Steinway…not Queens Blvd. I wonder what’s gonna open next if no one takes that CL offer…

Bulimic Panda

This restaurant and PJ Horgans equally deserve to be shut down. They are disgusting and offensive.

Bulimic Panda

I am more native than you are. The doctor that delivered me was also a native so my words obviously have more weight. Thank you and God bless.


haha as a dj ive seen this over and over they overspend on the opening then have zero money for advertising 3-4 weeks later when business starts to drop off. plus it always looked closed…….bands and live music was never the problem they had it before in the Spanish club…it was the dancing without a cabaret license……

that’s what Bucharest has should have bought that place


How did they all screw him?

I went once at around 5pm – walked in and it was blasting techno music. This is Sunnyside at 5pm, not the Meatpacking District at midnight. I walked right out. The owner needed to take a good look at what works in Sunnyside and what doesn’t. Literally the day it opened I could tell it wasn’t going to last as it didn’t fit into the neighborhood at all. It was a nice renovation and you can tell a lot of effort was put into it, but it just didn’t fit here.

I know many people didn’t even know that they offered Greek food there at all. They all just thought it was a club.


The guy who runs this was treated like dirt by Sunnyside.
Community board screwed him, neighboring restaurants screwed him, none of the business groups helped him….

Neziah Bliss

Great idea. If PJs opened there it would improve quality of life 30x fold. It is sorely missed.

Anonymous visitor

PJ Horgans PLease take over that location New Building being built on 39th Pl and Queens blvd so more people to feed


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