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SEE IT: Armed suspects rob smoke shop in Sunnyside, steal more than $10K worth of merchandise

Two masked men are wanted for robbing a smoke shop in Sunnyside on Thursday, July 20 – making off with store merchandise valued at around $10,500.(Photos provided by NYPD)

July 21, 2023 By Michael Dorgan

Police have released video of two masked men who robbed a smoke shop in Sunnyside at gunpoint  and nabbed more than $10,000 in merchandise on Thursday, July 20.

The video shows the two suspects — both described as having dark complexions and thin builds — walking along a sidewalk moments before they burst into Puffume Smoke Shop, located at 43-45 44th St., just after 2 p.m.

The footage then cuts to the two alleged perpetrators rummaging around the inside of the store during the stick-up.

One of the suspects, who was seen wearing a black ski mask and a blue hoodie, can be seen displaying a gun toward the counter area, where police say a 21-year-old female worker was situated. The worker is not in the camera shot.

He then shuts the door before the footage cuts forward to show the second perpetrator — dressed in a black T-shirt and a white head covering — carrying a red bag full of stolen goods out of the store. He is then followed out the door by the man in the blue hoodie, who appears to be carrying a large jar in his hand and also has a backpack on.

Police say the duo made off with store merchandise valued at around $10,500. It is unclear if any cash was stolen.

They fled the scene southbound on 44th Street in a white-colored 2014 Honda Accord. The car has New York license plates, police said.

Police sources say the vehicle was found abandoned on Atlantic Avenue in eastern Brooklyn about an hour later.

The store worker was not injured during the incident, police said.

The NYPD also released photos of the suspects wanted for questioning, along with a picture of the getaway vehicle.

Anyone with information in regard to this incident is asked to call the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers Hotline at 800-577-TIPS (8477) or for Spanish, 888-57-PISTA (74782). The public can also submit their tips by logging onto the Crime Stoppers website at, or on Twitter @NYPDTips.

All calls are strictly confidential.

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I’ve lived in Sunnyside for 8 years. The rent is sky rocketing meanwhile we have hotels/converted to homeless shelters. So, now we have homeless people sleeping in the playgrounds all the time. There’s garbage and poop all over the sidewalks (I don’t think it’s dog poop either)We’ve had several armed robberies in the last 2 years, neighbors stabbing & hitting each with baseball bats. I’m over it. I have been to that smoke shop a few times and I feel bad for the employees because they’re nice kids but they’re lowering the value of the neighborhood for sure.

media wont say it so i will

you all voted for the eyebrow princess for gov. remember she put two cops on every subway platform two weeks before the election and you all fell for it. She won and Then the cops were gone and these dark complexion thugs are all over beating and robbing innocent people.

Fox creates misdirected hate

Move to Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Texas or Oklahoma. Republican strongholds all with much higher poverty rates and crime rates than New York with healthcare and education systems that underperform New York. You’ll be much happier.

Stop it now

I’m a Marijuana smoker but the stores are terrible. Get rid of them. I don’t care it’s now legal . It don’t belong around kids. It shouldn’t be allowed to be smoked in public. Just like alcohol it’s shouldn’t be consumed on public streets.


That’s not nice. It’s comments like yours that keep us from discussing these issues.


This used to be such a nice and safe neighborhood. İt all went down since 2 years. So many individuals you know that don’t belong here. İts so sad we do not have any police presence in the neighborhood.

Concerned Sunnysider

Things are only going to get worse. Weed shops popping up all over Sunnyside. Too many thugs and criminals roaming Sunnyside. Section 8 housing has also led to the appearance of the kinds of folks we never saw here before. NYC is doomed with these progressive, clueless politicians.

Larry D

Does everyone notice how the media isn’t allowed to describe a criminal even if he’s clearly black? Everyone from the governor, mayor, council people could give a crap about the safety of the average, hardworking citizens. I’ve also noticed that tons of these smoke shops are being robbed. Crime increases started with the incompetent DeBlasio and will continue until New Yorkers take a tough stance on crime.

try this in a small town

first of all, there are only a few legal pot places in NYC, so its likely illegal so who the f cares, these dark complexion people are allowed to take whatever the want because of BLM. so who the f cares. dont ask cops to get involved because the left is defunding them. you reap what you sow liberals.

Barking into the pit

10.8 billion dollars is defunding? So by your standard, we’ve sown 10.8 billion dollars into police investment and we reap…increased criminality and decreased accountability? If you shaved down that chip on your shoulder you’d probably find more that agree with your concerns than disagree with your blind outrage and broad paint brush opinions, internet person.

Also, happens all the time in small towns since they generally have fewer options to make money. I hope Sunnyside improves, too, all around.

Gardens Watcher

Stealing post names is in YOUR nature. Get your own, and stop posting racist garbage.


Nice. These illegal pot shops are bringing crime to our neighborhood. If you can’t stop crime just change the laws.


Dark complexions? We can’t say that they were Black. Politically incorrect. Black people commit most crime. What is true is true. Deal with it.

Bernadette Barrett

Why not call it like it is,
The one in the black shirt is A black person why r u so afraid to say so. When the criminal is white there is no hesitation in saying so.
If that’s what he is, then what’s the problem?


You’re cancelled for saying the truth. Jason Aldean is criticized for his song. But what about the culture and values of some of these people in these neighborhoods who commit these crimes. Sure they are victims but they are also committing the crimes. My people don’t do it. My people lived in the ghettos when they came here and committed crime but there were no second generation criminals. With Blacks and Hispanics it goes from one generation to the next.

JoeBama Magoo

so what? they deserve it. you all voted for the drugs and robberies. enjoy! i know i am!

But but we'll make more tax revenue

Lol! People are so stupid with this weed garbage. All these smoke shops will have to be behind bullet proof glass with the box that spins. That’s your customer base. Good luck with that


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