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Schools Chancellor Carranza Heading to Woodside for Town Hall

DOE Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza last month (via Twitter)

Oct. 3, 2018 By Nathaly Pesantez

Richard Carranza, the new chancellor for the city’s Department of Education, will be in Woodside later this month for a town hall.

The event will take place at P.S. 11 on Oct. 17, and is organized by the Community Education Council for District 30.

The town hall comes as District 30, which encompasses Long Island City, Astoria, Sunnyside, Woodside, and parts of Jackson Heights, experienced a slew of issues with yellow school buses at the start of the school year.

Parents around the district shared their nightmarish experiences with getting their children to and from school, with some waiting for school buses that never came or being dragged along trips that lasted several hours.

Most of the problems came from one bus company, Grandpa’s Bus, which has since had four of its routes given to other bus companies to take over.

Carranza apologized to families and students, and said the situation was unacceptable.

The school bus fiasco led to more reports from the Daily News of other problems plaguing the city’s yellow bus system, like drivers with criminal records being hired after faulty background checks and a forged signature system that allowed for some drivers to be approved.

Carranza, as a result, fired Eric Goldstein, a transportation chief who oversees the yellow bus system, and reassigned Elizabeth Rose, who had been CEO of school operations, to a role focusing on transportation contracts.

The town hall also comes as Skillman Avenue, where P.S. 11 is located, underwent a recent roadway redesign, which some parents claim will lead to safety issues.

The town hall, however, will not focus on one issue, but rather all concerns and questions regarding District 30.

The town hall will take place at P.S. 11, located at 54-25 Skillman Ave., from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. on Oct. 17. On site interpretation services will be available.

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anyway, some of us will be attending either way to advocate what we need around here. the schools have been overcrowded for decades now and we need city and the state to work to fix this. we need dual language expanded and more aftrer school services. work together, stop arguing n hating

Roy Beuscher

Dear fan of doughboy park. Read a book so you know what real socialism is. Grow up in a poor neighborhood and tell me your chances of success. another Trump lackey drinking the “kool aid.” Love your empathy! Yikes!

Fan of a Dough Boy Park

I worked on the Bernie Sanders campaign, but whatever. Read a book about How immigrants who arrived with nothing worked their way to the top. It’s 2018 , policies of enabling people and lowering standards hurt in the long term. If I go to a school and am taught 75 is passing and you go to a school where you pass even if you fail, who’s going to survive long term? It’s called reality. Lowering standards hurts students

Fan Of Dough Boy Park

Carranza is another DeBlasio crony intent on destroying NYC in the name of socialism. This forced busing of students into neighborhoods they don’t live in is horrendous. DeBlasio hates people who work hard and enjoy the fruits of their hard work, many of his policies are Anti-Asian. If the top 100 students are Asian, then the top 100 slots at the top High Schools should be Asian. Rewarding people for their laziness is insane and setting them up for future failure. Teachers now get in trouble for failing students who don’t attend classes, don’t do their work and don’t deserve to be promoted. There is going to be a great flight of hard working, hard studying and involved people who don’t want their kids dragged down ( and let’s be honest, will be harassed, assaulted ) by kids whose parents expect society to raise their kids for them. It’s called reality people. Not racism.

What a Tool

Completely agree. He doesn’t believe in meritocracy. His policies are blatantly anti-asian. Dumbing down already high performing schools is not the answer. He should focus on the real problem, which are the myriad of low performing elementary schools across the city.

Michael Boylan

Sadly I .agree this new Chancellor is from Houston, Texas Ask him where is Greenpoint Ave. lucky if he says, Brooklyn .

Get over it.

Quoting the article “The town hall also comes as Skillman Avenue, where P.S. 11 is located, underwent a recent roadway redesign, which some parents claim will lead to safety issues.”

Sunnysidepost- you’re showing your bias again. This article has nothing to do with the street redesign, you’re just trying to raise a fuss.

Schoolhouse Rock

Candid needs to go to PS 11 to learn the difference between ‘their’, ‘there’ and ‘they’re’

Choosing to include irrelavant facts is a means to imply a connection where none exists

*their* bias…

The story has nothing to do about street redesign. The story *also* has nothing to do with the recent Oktoberfest street fair on Skillman. But the recent Oktoberfest was a fact. Why didn’t this article talk about the Oktoberfest? Because truth does not justify inclusion, relevance is required too.

In this instance, their bias didn’t manifest as a false statement; rather, as an irrelevant inclusion mean to imply a connection. It’s called a “red herring,” You can look it up.

The Sunnyside post included this point only because they want grumpy people to show up and yell at the chancellor about the redesign. They want to create more political noise about their pet issue.


Not understanding the difference between “they’re” and “their” is particularly amusing after an article about people missing the school bus. 😉


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