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Rapist Gets 25 years, Nailed By DNA

Aug. 30, 2011 By Christian Murray

A Queens man was sentenced to 25 years in prison for a string of sexual attacks that had been previously listed as cold cases, according to the Queens district attorney last week.

Mauricio Rosales, of Woodhaven, was arrested for four sexual attacks after he was require to submit a DNA sample after he was arrested for stealing $3,000 from a former employer. His DNA matched with evidence gathered at rape and sex-crime scenes.

The sex crimes took place between 2000 and 2003—with one taking place on the Sunnyside/Woodside border.

Rosales first sex crime occurred in Oct. 20, 2000, in Woodhaven when he entered a 12-year-old girl’s bedroom in Woodhaven through a back door and proceeded to rape her while her family was sleeping upstairs.

In the second incident, Rosales approached a 19-year-old woman while she was sitting in front of her home in Kew Gardens on July 2003, then pulled her at knifepoint into her driveway where he raped her.

In the third incident, at approximately 11 p.m., on August 7, 2003, Rosales approached a 22-year-old woman in front of her home in Kew Gardens, grabbed her by the throat, took her cash and cell phone, and then dragged her into bushes where he tried to remove her pants. The woman struggled and shouted and the defendant fled.

In the final incident, at approximately 7 p.m., at the subway station located at Roosevelt Ave. and 52nd St., on March 9, 2005, the defendant held a knife to a 32-year-old woman as she walked along the subway platform, robbed her of cash, and then forced her to sit as he masturbated on her.

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The fact is if this guy was an illegal alien, if the law had been enforced and he was never allowed in this country, he could never have raped that woman.


@Jim: Yes, down with the goddamn mexicans, indians, asians, hispanics, europeans, africans….. oh, wait, that’s all of sunnyside…

Neighborhood Observer

@Jim Your response reveals a great deal of frustrated anger. Many of us share your feelings but know indiscriminate actions often produce more problems than they solve. I don’t know what the solution is, but I’m sure of what it is not. Sorry, I don’t agree with you.


The guys in the fire house would not be able to spot anything going on on the platform or in that eyesore of a park. I do not even know if they have a security camera which goes into the street. I know people who get out at 46th Street and walk to 51st or 52nd Street in order to avoid the 52nd Street platform. And yes, the police know who the local troublemakers are but unless they are caught committing a crime, there is not a lot they can do. There are also vagrants hanging out in that park. I would say that from 51st Street along Roosevelt Avenue it gets dicey. A couple of years ago, two “yut” who were drinking illegally, got into a fight on the 52nd Street platform and one of them ended up on the train tracks and was sliced in half. The bar that served them alcohol should have been shut down. We have pockets where there is crime. Without a doubt.

Neighborhood Observer

I wasn’t aware of the crime taking place in the vest pocket park at 52nd nor the problems on the block. Doesn’t the presence of the firehouse prevent crime? I wouldn’t want to be a criminal near a truckload of firemen. But, then, I do not have a criminal frame of mind.

As for the rapist. Thank you, Queens DA. Stealing money from his employer was obviously the least of his crimes. The injury he caused to all of us is incalculable. God have mercy.

Lucky Lu

Raquel, none of the attacks actually took place in the park. As stated above, the sexual assault in this story in that area took place on the actual subway platform. Shocking that nobody saw it considering it took place at 7pm, a time of day in which I imagine people might have been on that platform and surely a 7 train would have gone by. I think the trouble in that area is a combination of businesses that aren’t open past early evening, hence the lack of foot traffic, poor street lighting right in that area, and undesirables that congregate near there or live there.


If there are any “dangerous stretches” in a neighborhood – and they do certainly exist – it is because of one or two nasty households who deal in drugs and other illegal activities. So instead of getting rid of parks where people congregate – which actually fosters a sense of neighborliness – the police need to be much more proactive in finding these longtime lawbreakers. Folks in-the know need to speak up if they know something – and the consequences to those disturbing the area should be swift and permanent.


The 52nd Street subway station is dangerous and there was a string of robberies on 52nd Street several months ago – the guy was finally caught by the 108th. I still say, pave over the “park” that is underneath it and have the transit police patrol more. 52nd street between Roosevelt and Skillman is a dangerous stretch.


This piece of garbage should have his balls cut off with a dull, rusty knife. One ball shoved down his throat, the other stuffed up his a$$.

[email protected]

Only 25 years in prison?!? Life for even one of those offenses.

For Gd’s sake he raped a 12 year old!!! – Doesn’t matter the age, rape is sick no matter what – just saying 12 yrs old – how extremely sick is that?!? That’s just off the scale sick! Life for this SOB. This person ruined 4 people’s lives and 25 years is it?

I’m disgusted. I hope he gets the same from those he’s incarcerated with – so he’ll know what its like to be a victim of rape.


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