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Queens District Attorney Forms Violent Crimes Bureau

Melinda Katz (Office of Queens Borough President Flickr)

June 23, 2020 By Allie Griffin

Queens District Attorney Melinda Katz announced Monday that her office has formed a violent crimes bureau to prosecute street gangs, drug traffickers and firearms dealers.

The newly-created Violent Criminal Enterprises Bureau combines the former Narcotics Investigations and Gang Violence bureaus. The unit focuses on identifying organized criminal activity in Queens.

“As your District Attorney, I promised to do everything possible to rid our neighborhoods of violent gangs, gun runners and drug traffickers,” Katz said in a statement.

“My Violent Criminal Enterprises Bureau will stomp out crews that profit from selling instruments of death in our communities.”

The bureau will work with law enforcement and the community to gather information on gangs and organized operations.

“This reconfigured Bureau will use every resource available to ensure criminal networks, gang activity and other organized operations run by drivers of crime are dismantled and that the drugs and weapons they peddle will be taken off our streets,” Katz said.

Katz recruited long-time prosecutor Jonathan Sennett from the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office to serve as the new bureau chief. He had most recently served as First Deputy Bureau Chief of the Brooklyn DA’s Violent Criminal Enterprises Bureau.

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not possible! this completely contradicts the current cuomsy/deblobio policy of letting criminals out within 24 hours, and giving them gift cards and Mets tickets for a job well done.


Some “Organizaed Violent gangs” have been murdering some very old statues. Can we charge them with Hate crimes and elder abuse before the Statue of limitations expires

New thought

Sounds like more government bureaucracy. “Instruments of death” is so politically sensational. Who here needs a law to make sure they dont do drugs? Lol exactly. Legalise and regulate. The Prohibition type mob violence is doing more damage to the black and brown communities than the drugs itself. Prescription (legal) drugs are bigger killers! Arrest those white coat drug dealers!
End the drug war and legalise Liberty! Give the black and brown people a chance to legitimize their businesses!

Candace Owens Rocks

What’s the point if there are no more cops to arrest violent criminals to prosecute?

Escape From New York was just a preview of what’s coming. Lawlessness.


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