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Queens COVID-19 Yellow Zone to Remain, Cuomo Says

Governor Andrew Cuomo (Mike Groll/Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo)

Jan. 27, 2021 By Allie Griffin

The northern Queens COVID-19 zone will remain in place despite Governor Andrew Cuomo lifting similar restrictions on other zones across the state Wednesday.

The yellow zone that covers portions of northern and central Queens is among five zones across the state that will remain. The five zones — which also include two in the Bronx, one in Manhattan and one in Newburgh — have the highest hospital admissions per capita statewide.

All other yellow and slightly stricter orange zones were removed across the state. The COVID-19 positivity rates of those 23 zones decreased, Cuomo said.

Businesses, schools and houses of worship that operate in the yellow zones, including in Queens,  continue to face elevated restrictions. There are additional restrictions on restaurant dining; strict limits on the number of attendees at houses of worship; and students are required to undergo stringent COVID-19 testing at schools in the zone.

Cuomo also said during a press conference Wednesday that he is developing a plan for indoor dining for restaurants in New York City — which has been banned since mid-December.

He is discussing whether to open it back up at 25 percent capacity with health officials, and plans to make an announcement by the end of the week, he said.

“By the end of the week, we’ll have a plan on New York City restaurants,” Cuomo said. “I fully understand how difficult it is that they’re closed.”

Indoor dining is currently allowed at 25 percent capacity in every region of New York other than the city.

Several NYC restaurant owners have filed lawsuits against the governor, arguing that they have lost revenue due to the restrictions placed on indoor dining.

Northeast Queens micro-cluster yellow zone (NY State)

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Francine Maspeth

Ok so what towns are in yellow zones?? Why cant it it be know instead referring as Northeast Queens etc . Really now I dont have no clue if I live in yellow zone or twilight zone 🙄

Gardens Watcher

The South African variant is in the U.S. now, and is in at least 32 countries. In South Africa, it is 50 percent more transmissible than the first strain. and 90 percent of their new cases are of the new variant.

Don’t let your guard down. Hunker down. Wear a mask properly and wash your hands. Stop the spread.


Queens has one the highest number of deaths due to Covid 19 compared to the other boroughs and state. Let the rest of us who chose to stay and survived live.

The magical, ever-shifting goal posts!

Remember the olden days when it was just a couple of weeks to “flatten the curve?”

We Remember

Remember the Olden days when my cousin died last April and remained in a refrigerator truck parked outside of Elmhurst hospital for 3 weeks, before we could transfer him to a refrigerator truck outside the funeral parlor in Jackson Heights, where he remained for three more weeks when the cemetery could accommodate his funeral. Yes, we remember the refrigerator trucks outside hospitals, funeral parlors and by the ships to potters field, we remember. We remember the overwhelmed hospitals, basically shutdown to all other patients, other than Covid victims. We remember the psychiatric patients turned out of hospitals so their beds could be given up to Covid patients. We remember the collapse of the funeral service industry, restaurant, hospitality industries, entertainment industry, transportation industry and so on. We remember the massive loss of life and forever changed health status of survivors who more than likely will never fully recover from their Covid diagnosis. We Remember. Hopefully unlike you, we never forget.

Yes, and it worked

You mean 6 months ago? Well it’s winter now, so things have changed. Turns out more people get Trump Flu in February instead of July!


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