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Precinct Steps up Traffic Enforcement, Targets Drunk-Drivers and Speedsters

July 3, 2014 By Christian Murray

The 108 Police Precinct has stepped up traffic enforcement this year, with the number of DWI arrests and tickets written for speeding up significantly from 2013.

Captain Brian Hennessy, Commanding officer of the 108 Precinct, said that the precinct had made 86 DWI arrests for the year through June 29, up from 31 for the same period a year ago.

He said that speedsters too have been targeted—particularly around Queens Boulevard, Thomson Avenue, Van Dam Street and Skillman Avenue.

This year, the precinct had issued 259 tickets for speeding through June 29, up from 229 for the same period a year ago.

“Enforcement has definitely stepped up,” Hennessy said. He said that the precinct has focused heavily on areas where speeding has led to fatalities.

The Sunnyside, Woodside and Long Island City region has been plagued by traffic-related deaths in recent years, with 12 occurring (7 pedestrians) within the confines of the 108 Police Precinct last year alone, Hennessy said.

For instance, one woman died in December after losing control getting off the Queensboro Bridge (on the LIC side), while a 16-year-old boy was killed by a vehicle while he was walking on the sidewalk along Thomson Avenue.

So far this year, the number of traffic-related fatalities is zero.

The number of pedestrians struck and hurt by motorists has also dropped. Through June 29, there had been 71 incidents, compared to 86 for the same period a year ago, Hennessy said.

Furthermore, the precinct had issued 229 tickets to drivers who had failed to yield to pedestrians through June 29. That number had increased from 191 for the same period a year ago.

Meanwhile, bicyclists too have been targeted. This year the precinct had issued 76 tickets to cyclists through June 29 for anything from running red lights to disobeying traffic signs. The precinct had issued 35 tickets by this time last year.

Hennessy said that Vision Zero is playing a part in keeping traffic deaths down. He said it has increased people’s awareness of traffic safety issues.

Furthermore, with Vision Zero, traffic-related deaths have become a much higher priority.

“Years ago crime was the main focus [for most police precincts],” Hennessy said. “Today a life lost in a car accident is treated as just as important as one lost in a murder.”

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Such an unpleasant person. Time to take out the trash. Sunnyside deserves better.


Would it be more politically correct to call him a fat jew? I assumed he was greek because his car had Greek writing on it….maybe a Greek car service…

I wish I knew what you looked like so I could avoid you, your racist attitudes, and your swerving.

South Side Johnny

“but out lovely major” means …but our lovely mayor..for those playing at home. This sort of post is exactly why the “silent majority” should stay silent.

Silent majority

We need more cops to issue tickets to speeders, people who double park all along queens Blvd. illegal motorbikes and out of control hipster bicyclists but out lovely major denied the city councils request for 1,000 new officers. Anyway the cops are too busy dealing with the 8% raise in shooting in the city. Thanks for ending stop and frisk.

Dov pincus

@”Got Ya”…There are many “Pen names” on this forum…Are you suggesting that individuals leave there name and address? .What exactly is your point?


Rikki- how do you know he was Greek? Are you really such a bigot that you do not see how saying something like that is highly inappropriate?

I know you consider yourself knowledgeable about the law because you’ve been near people who have actually gone to law school and studied statutory law, but you are wrong. Legally, pedestrians do NOT always have the right of way, but drivers ARE required to always exercise as much care as possible to avoid striking pedestrians.

You’ve stated your hostility towards bicycle riders and pedestrians on these pages numerous times. I surmise that you are quick to anger and probably need to slow down. I wish I knew what you looked like so I could avoid you, your racist attitudes, and your swerving.


Not always… see pedestrians are mostly dumb and clueless because they dont drive, so they run out and jaywalk next to an 18 wheeler and like a dog you hit them or miss them by inches….nobody ever jaywalks next to a tiny smart cars…..nope is always in front of a huge truck or suv….dumb!

or at Greenpoint and 48th st making a right against a dont walk sign those mehikan wimmin and their strollers and wearing all black, again taking a chance of killing their babies.

a lot of the time it really is the pedestrians fault….

Ps he was a really fat greek….yappin on his phone and the opens the door wide open to get his obese carcass in the door i was lucky to swerve just in time had there been another car next to me i would have known better and ripped his door off…. insurance would have blamed him and if i swerved and hit another car I would have been at fault.

pedestrians- they have the right of way, always

Dov Pincus

My name is not really Dov Pincus. I just like using phony Jewish names like Ari Fink or Noah Katz or Dov Puncus. Got ya!

Dov pincus

Speaking of enforcement can anyone explain just who or what the U.S Bail Dept is? They are parking cars under the train by 47tt with complete impunity from parking violations…It appears to me that they are masquerading as law enforcement and using bogus parking credentials.


Can’t wait to hear what the bike apologists have to say. 90% of the are breaking traffic rules every day and pose a big threat to pedestrians.

Dave The Greek

This won’t stop me. I drive bombed ALL THE TIME and never get stopped. I can handle my booze.

South Side Johnny

Traffic should be slowed down- the neighborhood is too congested. Even 30 mph is too speedy. All motor vehicles should go slow and YIELD to pedestrians- they have the right of way, always. This is their community- so many of the cars are just passing through. Take the LIE or BQE!


259 speeding tickets in the 108th precinct for 6 months .!!! Wow!!! That is less than 2 tickets per day. And you sound proud of yourselves ??? Amazing is all I can say. You could do that in a day just on queens blvd alone. We need more cops in our neigherhood to do the job that they are paid to do.

Auto Apologist

How about all the people who run across Queens Boulevard on red lights. How about teenagers who walk against red lights and date cars to hit them.


That’s right Mork. They are not doing anything about that light at 43rd street & 50th avenue near BQE. I have called complaining several times and nothing. Unfortunately, it takes a fatality to get something accomplished.

george thorogood

what about those jerkoffs on motorbikes, they mowed down an elderly woman last year in woodside and beat the hell out of an asian guy in front of his family last summer. you do nothing about these thugs on motorcycles but go after mustached pickle eating ironic t-shirt wearing hipsters on bicycles?


I almost got one today some fat greek at last 350lbs yappin on his phone opened his car door wide open just missed ripping it off its hinges by inches at least a scared he crrrrrrrap out of him…..

Mork Howe-Belle

I still see lunatics running the light and speeding on 43rd street a block from the BQE. If the police want to set up a radar gun somewhere, that would be a good place to do it.


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