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Police Say Alleged Sunnyside Garden’s Burglar Was From the Bronx

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August 23, Staff Report

Further details have emerged as to the man who was arrested for trespassing in a courtyard between 46th and 47th Streets at around 4:00 am Tuesday morning.

The man, who was picked up by the police just 50 feet from Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer’s Sunnyside Garden’s home, had committed a burglary on 44th Street that same night, according to police.

The police said the alleged perpetrator was Raymond Sanchez, a 45-year-old man from the Bronx.

Sanchez was in possession of the stolen items that belonged to the home owner on 44th Street at the time of his arrest.

According to police, he has not been arrested for any other burglaries in the neighborhood.

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It’s not a surprise that they come to Sunnyside, I doubt there’s much worth stealing in the Bronx!

Dorothy Morehead

When my car was stolen, it was found in Jackson Heights.

I really shouldn’t say “found.” I was notified in December that the car was going to be sold at auction if I didn’t claim it. The car had been stolen in June. When I got to the tow pound I found parking tickets from August and December. I was never sent notices about the tickets and the ticket issuer, who uses a computer presumably connected to the Dept. of Motor Vehicles to generate the tickets, didn’t notice or didn’t care that it was stolen. I had already purchased another vehicle so didn’t want the headaches or expenses or retrieving the old one. But I still astounded at the inefficiency and carelessness in dealing with a stolen vehicle.


Last nite an acquaintance told m her friend had been mugged near 39th avenue and 49th about a week ago. The guy took her wallet. She did tell the 108th.


Maybe they were coming from Xio. I see they are open again, gotta love the chalkboard outside with their daily specials which now reads “thanks to sunnyside post for the free publicity”
No joke, check it out, you gotta love it!


I overheard in the police station that people from all over Jackson Heights and the Bronx are coming into Sunnyside and Woodside to rob and steal. They do not want to announce it because it will scare of the residents. The majority are Hispanic.

Astoria transplant

Word on the street in the Bronx: just avoid Van Bramer’s house and you’re good to go in Sunnyside Gardens.


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