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Police Release Video of Suspects Wanted For Woodside Robbery

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Suspect (NYPD)

Sept. 30, 2015 Staff Report

The police have released video of two people they believe robbed a 31-year-old man who was walking on 61st Street in Woodside on Friday, September 11, at about 3:35 am.

According to police, the two male suspects approached the victim with one of them grabbing the victim’s arms while the other riffled through the victim’s pockets, before taking off with his wallet, which contained his credit cards and cash.

The suspects fled the scene.

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Anonymous Coward

(1) From where is this video taken? This is not actually 61st Street but inside some store.

(2) Where on 61st Street? We have a 61st Street that runs from 31st Ave to Laurel Hill Blvd. It’s a nice 30 min. walk.

B Shant

This is close to the 7 train between Roosevelt Avenue and Northern Boulevard. This is only one of several muggings that took place on 61st Street around the same area. About a year ago a man was shot 5 times also in the same area, 4 not giving up his money when being mugged!! 🙁


Wait seriously where is the video? As a gay man who has “gay encounters” in Sunnyside, I’d like to know who this is so I can avoid him. Any tips here?


Why are we all ignoring this? Most of the gay men in Sunnyside know who this guy is. He’s messed around and been with a lot of guys. Turn. Him. In.

Avoid the Noid

Please promptly notify the police, and us, of all the details of your homosexual encounters with this criminal.


Obviously you have something stuck up your butt. All I’m saying is that plenty of people that live in my neighborhood know this guy from their “sexual encounters”, yet no one decides to act on it and help the community out. If you’re bitter about me calling him out because you’re a friend of his, then obviously you need to man up as well and let the authorities know of his crime. Thanks.


what are you on about? if you’re not going to the police yourself, i guess you don’t actually know anything. i’d love it if the cops get in touch with you, and you have to explain to someone “in real life” that you’re just a pathetic internet troll.


Where is the video? Pretty sure that guy on the left lives near me. Would love to confirm it so I could let the police know. He’s always causing trouble.


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