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Police Release PHOTOs of Suspects Wanted For Beating and Robbing 81-Year-Old

2229-14 Robbery 108 pct 10-27-14 (1)

Suspect (NYPD)

Oct. 28, 2014 By Christian Murray

The police have release photos of two men suspected of beating and robbing an 81-year-old Sunnysider at the Chase Bank branch at 46-10 Queens Blvd on Sunday.

The two men allegedly approached the man inside the Chase bank ATM area at around 9:23 am, punched him in the face and removed $100 and debit card from his pocket.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477)

2229-14 Robbery 108 pct 10-27-14 (2)

Suspect (NYPD)

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Julia Asssange

What happened to the investigation regarding the T-Mobile store on Queens Boulevard that was robbed at gun point a couple of months ago? Also scary.


how come Ian Khadan is not out trying to justify how the pair of thugs should not be held accountable because society has been so cruel to them…Ian where are you? its safe to come out now they are gone back to the projects to read poetry, play the violin and help the needy


The mall cop on duty at this chase is as useless as the mall cop Omar at the other one I heard they are related. He’s the fake Indian looking Dominican that always kisses everyone’s ass when theirs a line of customers. A teller there told me they were robbed three times and he still keeps working there. They just shift people around at minimum wage from both branches and more crimes keep happening because the word out on the street is it’s an easy target.

Lucky Lu

Isn’t this the same Chase Bank that has been robbed more than once in the last few years? And they haven’t installed better security cameras? No wonder somebody was mugged here. Every hoodlum in a 10 mile radius probably knows about the poor quality of the video cameras here and figures they’ll never be found. And their probably right about that.


N more bulgaries r coming november 20 till january 10 watch out people….. they know when people go away


This goons are not from the neighborhood, they come from Bronx, Bklyn, Harlem, Rockaways, where they find no one to rob or steal from. They knows where to go and show their nature.. They don’t give shit how old r u … BTW I saw a officer at 46th street station yaaaa huuu!!!

Preschool Teacher

Yolanda is the Bank Manager. She is very nice and has been very helpful to me. I wouldn’t be quick to blame Chase. Surely the rising demographics of the neighborhood account for the rising crime rate.

39th Born

Please explain the “rising demographics.” What does that mean?? Don’t shroud it in vagueness.

Regular Joe

I guess that the Preschool Teacher is trying to say that there are more “n-words” on the streets of Sunnyside these days!


So yeah…I mean if you see these guys ANYwhere…you’re gonna avoid them right? I mean …do you risk being called a Racist or do you risk getting mugged.

The Archer

It happened at 9:23 in the morning! In broad daylight!

Someone needs to stand up. Someone needs to find these scumbags.

Sir William Regal

The neighborhood is fine now if we could just get rid of the OLD FARTS who still live in the 50’s then and only then would the neighborhood improve.

Sunnyside Calling

I hope you live long enough to remember this statement when you are an old fart (and I hope someone “gets rid of” you).

Sick of it

Where are the police? Stick ups, bulgaries, assaults running rampid in sunnyside. 108th sucks they have no presence on the streets. We need tough cops with street smarts. Please don’t hold your breath any aide of Dinkins will never be able to run this great city correctly. Welcome to clown town please feel free to be a dunce.


Which pixel is the attacker? I knew it was gonna be crap video quality. Footage was shot by a potato on a spike and archived on an 8 track tape.


If I had to guess, these animals are either from Woodside or Long Island City. Otherwise, they’re definitely not from the immediate area.


How would you know where they’re from? You have a definitive answer like you have some insight on the investigation.


You can’t guess and then give a definitive answer…either they are or aren’t. Also, how would you know where they’re from? Have you cracked the case? Are you part of the investigation? Might want to have better info before you definitely take a guess about something.


5long island city has hooodrats? oh wait the projects north of the 59th st bridge…why are the coming here?

Alicia z

This is my home it is a good area but crime is up in all places !!! Long Island has a lot of home invasions ! Need to be careful!!


I just called Chase and asked to speak to a manager. I was told “Yoly” would be in after 1 p.m. (that’s strange, no manager to talk to?). I am going up to Chase after 1 p.m. today to demand that they hire a security guard to stand by the ATM machines. I am also going to demand that they get new film for their cameras!!

mary K

I agree with demanding they upgrade their cameras but demanding they hire a security guard to stand by the ATM is ridiculous!!! why not armed guards at every store and on every corner


I’ve seen some banks have a guard stationed over night as well. It’s not common but its out there. They can do it.


The more these crimes go unsolved the more confidence these scum are going to gain.

Also the second quality is so pathetic that you probably could pass off the photo as big foot.


Def not from the neighborhood cracker probably got off the wrong stop in the bus. Check into bus cameras, train cameras. Hopefully those can point out something better then this cheap ass camera watching over us when we are holding large amounts of cash to deposit.


Will be interesting to read these two thugs rap sheets,Guess another slap on the wrist is coming up,as for Chase,they call this security? Pathetic.


This is upsetting in more ways than one,that this little old man was brutalized by these disgusting goons,and that Chase has ancient video cameras when there are certainly better systems available.I have my account at this bank,and I’m going to communicate with them that they need to update,otherwise I’ll have to pull my account, everybody should else who has an account here should do the same,as this happened in broad daylight and could have been any one of us.

anon hipster

seriously? Chase has billions in profits and can’t update their security cameras from 2005? egregiously unconcerned with security.

Anonymous visitor

yes blame Deblasio for the incident It happened inside a bank right and this isnt the 1st time this happened even when Bloomberg was Mayor ….


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