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Police: Man Breaks Into Sunnyside Apartment, Takes Off with Laptop and Camera

Suspect (source: NYPD)

Suspect (source: NYPD)

Oct. 7, 2015 Staff Report

The police are searching for a man who allegedly broke into a Sunnyside man’s apartment on Sunday and took off with his laptop, camera and a designer bag.

The suspect was able to get into the man’s 43-31 45th Street apartment building at about 2:00 pm on October 4, before entering the victim’s apartment through the front door, according to police.

The thief took off with an Apple MacBook Pro, Canon camera and a Coach Bag.

The police released a photo of the suspect.

Anyone with information in regards to this incident is asked to call the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers Hotline at 800-577-TIPS.

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Joe at the Berkley

You’re right about just not holding the door and letting “anyone” into the building that’s why these type of crimes are more common in the larger buildings. This type of criminal tries to blend in and just doesn’t want attention brought to them. They usually just put their head down and hope nobody ask’s them where they are going or if they may need help. If you’re somebody who doesn’t like to engage people just act like you’re paying attention (pretend you’re looking around for something, stand around for a moment as if you’re waiting for someone..etc..). Once the word is out that this building is an easy mark because of apathetic tenants they’ll be back or even worse their more aggressive buddies will be paying a visit. So just act like you’re paying attention people. You don’t even need to get involved.

Rocky Balboa

I also worry about the “open houses” that coops hold inviting strangers into the building; they can rob people or stake the place out and come back later. These events should be stopped.


Don’t just let people into the building. He looks like an old career criminal who walks around just looking for an opportunity. The new young people moving in and much of the foreign born are afraid to challenge guys like this criminal so they use this to their advantage. The old ladies who used to dominate the neighborhood who are now dying off kept these guys on the move.

Del Toro

“before entering the victim’s apartment through the front door”
What does victim have to say about this? Does he know this guy or was this during victim’s regular hours. I really hate this non-investigative reporting. I mean I appreciate the news but at least go out and do some real reporting and not just copy/paste police blotter. We need to learn more about these breakins so we all can avoid them and protect ourselves.

I understand these people actually sit on a steakout and gather info on when you are out regularly and then try to get in at those times. Did victim somehow leave front door open? Did they use a bump key to get in? So did the thief break in or walk in?


should have used two multi-lock deadbolts, not the made in china locks from the dollar store. these old apts use metal doors anyway, so they cannot be kicked in. either that, or the perp drilled through the lock. if that’s the case, get a guard dog since your neighbors suck.


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