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Police Arrest Second Man Wanted For Beating and Robbing 81-Year-Old Sunnysider

Dec. 5, 2014 By Christian Murray

The second suspect wanted for punching and robbing an 81-year-old Sunnyside resident on Oct. 26 at a Chase ATM has been arrested.

Terrel Balanding, a 27-year-old from the Bronx, was arrested Dec. 3 and was charged with two counts of robbery.

The arrest comes just one day after Thomas Fullwood, 29, was arrested for the same crime.

Balanding and Fullwood approached William Eichhorn, 81, while he was withdrawing funds from the ATM machine at the Chase Bank branch at 46-10 Queens Boulevard. The men punched him in the face and then stole $100 in cash and his debit card while he was on the ground.

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longtime resident

Not the same neighborhood I moved into 30 years ago. More and more graffiti showing up, junk stores line the boulevard as well as Greenpoint Avenue. Rents (both commercial and residential) are going through the ceiling, and my favorite noise maker Maggie Mae — neighbors have asked management to keep the bar’s back door closed when they have a band playing but requests are ignored. Calls go into voicemail. Police are nowhere to be seen.


great job NYPD – glad you are getting your act together
keep up the good work ! you’re always going to be well respected in our neighborhood….

Stop the Violence

Just like Mayor DeBlasio had to have the conversation with Dante about the police every white father must have the conversation with his children about the likelihood of being another victim of a crime by a black male..This epidemic has been going on for generations and must stop…after all white lives matter..


for people asking why two criminals from the bronx are here in sunnyside, our neighborhood has a lot of notoriety. the neighborhood is constantly being advertised for what it has to offer and for its inhabitants. though the neighborhood mainly consists of middle class working families, a lot of people with money are moving into the neighborhood and word of mouth spreads. the end result being these guys trying to cash in on those who live here.

Mr. Gio

The worst part of this whole story is that these 2 pigs will most likely be roaming the streets again, all too soon………. is there really any place for animals like this in our society? They are too old to be rehabilitated……..

john doe

What were 2 thugs from Bronx doing in Sunnyside??? Stay in your own boro, you don’t have any business here

Sunnyside Post Reader

I would like to know about that too, hopefully these thugs will spill their guts about which dealer they were here to see, or which group of kids were they distributing the weed to, then we will get to know more about the recent increase in crime. I have a suspicion that they were most likely there to drop off or pick up stuff from the pawn shop.

El loco

Obviously they were trying to commit a crime in a neighborhood far from where they lived so they couldn’t be identified. Since this city has such a “wonderful” transportation system it is easy to get anywhere.

Whack O

The Police can’t be everywhere, It’s up to the individual to take necessary steps
to protect them self’s. Beware of your surroundings, and go with someone when you need to take money from ATM.

Anonymous visitor

So now it’s your fault if you go out in your safe neighbourhood and to thugs have no shame and hit you as a most vulnerable member of society? No thanks!


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