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Police Arrest Man Responsible for Robbing 90-Year Old Outside Stop & Shop

Aug. 1, 2014 By Christian Murray

The police have arrested a suspect who allegedly robbed a 90-year-old man in front of Stop & Shop at 44-51 48th Street.

Wade Hairston, 28, has been charged with robbery, criminal obstruction of breathing, unlawful imprisonment and harassment following the July 22 incident.

Hairston allegedly walked up behind the victim at 10:45 am while he was walking to his car and grabbed the victim by his neck and demanded his wallet.

The suspect then demanded the victim’s PIN number and that he drive to two locations where the victim was forced to remove money from an ATM machine, according to the NYPD.

The victim was not injured.

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Prisons are full because we fill them with people who belong in mental health facilities or drug rehab clinics. We need to get those people into the proper institutions and return prisons to what they should be – places for true dirtbags like Wade Hairston.

South Side Johnny

I agree- severe punishment is a good idea, but I don’t like governments that kill their citizens- we are on a list with other countries that have capital punishment that is embarrassing. We have many more citizens in prison than almost anywhere- why is that? Our prisons are full- that is the point. To pretend that plea-bargaining is typical is to ignore the fact that 5% of our population is already in prison- Go USA- We’re #1. Billions and billions of dollars are spent on prisoners; even states with death penalty have prisons that are full. Why is that?


The victim was essentially kidnapped and forced to go from point to point taking money from ATMs. The victim was not injured is pure bullshit. Let this happen to you or someone you love and see if there is no lasting effect.
A fair reasonable punishment would be a bullet in the head, other than that life without sounds like reasonable punishment. I’m sure the DA will plea this out and he will be back with us within a year or two.

South Side Johnny

Crane- you are a cynic! What is a reasonable punishment? 5 years prison? 10 years? The city paid $167,731 to feed, house and guard each inmate last year. New York State was the most expensive state, with an average cost of $60,000 per prison inmate.

But we have about 11 thousand prisoners in city jails, and about 60 thousand in state prison. Lots of money!


He won’t get much jail time, I would love it if SP kept us updated on these things for once so we know what happens in the end.
PS: Police should post flyers all over town “If you do the crime, you will do the time, we will catch you just like how we caught this bastard” and plaster his face all over town to deter other would-be criminals, since 108 doesn’t show his face unless they want to catch illegal parking or people who have ridiculous violations like “turn blinker is broken, here is a ticket” signed rookie cop with his rookie partner.


Great news. Should post a clear shot of his face so everyone will know who this dirtbag is when they see him. Hope he gets some jail time.

Zero the Hero

Criminal Obstruction of Breathing? I wonder if thats why the police officer who choked that guy will be charged with?


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