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PODCAST: We Speak to John Cummings, Looks to Unseat AOC

Oct. 8, 2020 By Christian Murray

The Nov. 3 general election is not just about who will be the president of the United States.

There are a number of Congressional and other down-ballot races taking place.

One of those races will determine who will represent the 14th Congressional District, which covers Astoria, College Point, Corona,  North Corona, East Elmhurst, Elmhurst, Jackson Heights, Sunnyside, Woodside and the south east portion of the Bronx.

14th Congressional District

Today, we speak to John Cummings, who is the Republican candidate vying to represent the 14th Congressional District.

Cummings is running against incumbent Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who was elected to office for the first time two years ago.

We speak to Cummings about why he thinks he will serve the district better and his platform.

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Im in California but I donated to help you defeat socialist AOC. Good luck God bless John Cummings


LOL…No way!
No Authoritarianism and No Fear Mongering Here!!
You Wouldn’t Know the Difference between the Political Ideologies, if it Bit you on the Atlas!
Go Away!!

D. Santiago

Hey Cummings, Don’t Quit your Day Job‼️ You Don’t have a Chance👎
You Claim AOC is a Socialist/Communist, Seriously🤔
When I Looked at the Ballot she’s a Register Democrat, and besides, Socialist and Communist Parties are NOT on the Ballot⁉️
What Decade are you living in❓
Also, on your Website, you have NO POLICIES, So Why are you Running?? Oh Right… you like Wasting Millions of Dollars of Donors and Corporate Monies!!
FYI… Congresswoman AOC is a Young Progressive and has unlocked a Movement that, Dinos Can’t Related to❌✖❌
There’s an Entire Generation of Young People who are Actively Rejecting the Repugnant’s Party!! Bye… Bye✊✊


He has no chance. AOCs district is overwhelmingly progressive. She has plenty of support. Racists, homophobic and xenophobic people are outnumbered by the working class families party and their beliefs.


Watch out for voter fraud ! When was the last time you heard someone fleeing to a communist country? Never! They always flee here! You need to fight back for individualism and private property; Liberty!

Gardens Watcher

Will be interesting to see what happens next year once the district lines are redrawn. Would prefer to be part of Carolyn Maloney’s district. AOC can have the Bronx.

Value sharing!

I’ve donated to his campaign and will vote for him. He is practical, quite smart, and I believe has values that are closer to my neighbors in Woodside, Sunnyside (some) and the South Bronx. We are working stiffs, most who do not have 401(k)s…


I’m a huuuuuuuuge Ramones fan and not even the fact that this guy shares the birth name of their guitarist, Johnny Ramone, could get me to vote for him. Pass!


I can’t stand AOC but this idiot is not the answer. Everyone who disagrees with him is a socialist. Hey genius do you know that social security and Medicare are forms of socialism? I’m sure that he won’t refuse them.

A Normal Person

And isn’t it real rich that he was a cop and a teacher but rails against socialism!


I’ve noticed the people who cry the loudest about socialism lived their lives as civil servants in the social safety net. Hypocrites. He is going to retire with two government pensions social security and Medicare but everyone else is a socialist looking for a government handout.


His pension is money earned for service provided. He paid into social security his entire working life. Neither one are handouts. Nice try though, keep comparing apples and hand grenades.

free everything for everybody

Medicare and social security are “earned benefits” programs where you must pay in to receive benefits…that is not socialism…pensions from jobs are part of the benefits that were negotiated as part of a contract …also not socialism…please stop with the false equivalency

Mike T

The socialism is in the structure of the pension plan itself. If a plan has a (general obligation provision) provision where the tax payer covers any shortfall the portfolios held in trust for plan participants in providing the guaranteed, “defined” benefit requirement component of the plan, it most certainly is a form of socialism. The government via tax payer funding whether through bond issue or any other form of revenue raising is flipping the bill for the shortfall. Municipal plans have this provision. That is why the private sector has pulled away from defined benefit to contributory plans not to mention the cost involved in maintaining defined benefit deferred compensation plans. “Nice Try” Do you have trouble keeping the conversation on an adult level?


should be easy to take her seat. she’s made everyone run from her crazy ideas and threats.

There is a global pandemic right now

No that you’re informed, the president’s response cost 200,000 american lives so far. Many of them were here. People, other than Trump, go to places where it is less infectious. Not because of AOCs ideas lol.

You…DO know there’s a pandemic right?


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