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Pocket-Sized Park Spruces up Woodside Ave.

Woodside and 39th Avenues

July 20, 2012 By Bill Parry

The intersection of Woodside Ave. and 39th Ave. has been an eyesore for years, posing a hazard for motorists and pedestrians alike.

That has changed with the creation of a new Greenstreet at the location. Greenstreets are beautification initiatives carried out by the NYC Parks Dept. that convert stripped traffic islands or unused roadways into pint-sized parks.

The Woodside Ave. Greenstreet project was unveiled Tuesday by city council member Jimmy Van Bramer and Queens Borough Parks Department commissioner Dorothy Lewandowski. The pair showed off a “beautiful little pocket park,” as Van Bramer called it.

The little park will “replace what was once a barren and unused roadway that was both confusing and dangerous,” Van Bramer said. “The street is now safer, the area is greener, plus there are new sidewalks and bike lanes.”

“This fixes a very dangerous intersection,” said Community Board 2 chairman Joe Conley.

Lewandowski said that the project cost $63,500 and that the funding came from the mayor’s office.

This pocket-park, located at the base of Windmuller Park, is expected to help combat flooding problems. “This project alleviates that problem and the Dept. of Environmental Protection will help by adding more tree pits in the area to absorb even more water during storms,” Lewandowski said.

Contractors have guaranteed the city that they will maintain the park for two years. Community groups will do what they can to provide further upkeep.

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Craic Dealer

Hopefully this park doesn’t have benches. Its sometimes an invitation for homeless people. Specifically the mentally unstable ones… they pee on EVERYthing. I hope a NFP helps them.


I’m in agreement with Roger the Shrubber, I’ve often wondered why they get such priority.


Want to free up a bunch of parking spots?

Stop giving churches all that space that never even seems to be used. I have 4 churches within spitting distance of where I live and in 13 years have never once seen them used by the church. That includes St. Teresa’s which has its own parking lot right next door and parking garages for the rectory.

They already pay no taxes, why should they get valuable parking spaces?

Oppressed Masses

Mary, cars plural? And taking up all four spots! That is rather unneighborly. In any event, thanks to Councilmember Van Bramer for another neighborhood improvement. I hope that people monitor the contractor’s performance in maintaining the area.


It’s the simple things like this that make the quality of life better. There’s so much more left to do, but it’s a good start

44th street.(Sunnysider)

Mary caufield Phills… thans alot for responding back to me… that is a 3 way interesection with a stop sign and a light and a do not enter sign..too bab some civic grups coulld not get together with a cemnt company donate some goods and material like home depot and help our town and give them money to our schools or seniror or some other need that we have… just a thought…

Mary Caulfield, Phipps

Its on Woodside Avenue at the foot of 39th Avenue. There are no benches, just planting.


It looks nice but $63,500 for that. I’m just glad the funding came from the mayor’s office and not taxpayers.

44th street.(Sunnysider)

Can anyone tell me where this park is.. i may have passed this area many times… what croos street is this near.. thanks for updating my brain


What a welcome site. Really makes the area look nicer ..
Thanks to Jb and the Mayors office …..

Mary Caulfield, Phipps

And, as an extra-special added bonus, it adds about four parking spots to the street! Yeah!


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