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Pink Icing, a new Sunnyside bakery, opens Saturday

Pink Icing, the long-awaited bakery located at 44-13 Queens Blvd, is opening tomorrow (Saturday).

The bakery is owned by Juan Arache, a Sunnyside resident, who already owns the Sugar Room, a baking supply store, on the same block.

The bakery will open Saturday at 11am and Arache will be providing customers will free samples of cakes, pies, cookies, muffins and cupcakes.

Once launched, the bakery will be open from 6am through 8 pm seven days a week. Arache said that there will also be a focus on coffee.

The Sugar Room, best known for selling baking supplies and offering classes, will remain unchanged.

(Correction: the story initially said Pink Icing is located 44-12 Queens Blvd. It is at 44-13)

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Carmen Roax

Pink Icing should change their baker. Cookies doesn’t even look like cookie.
Everthing seems over baked and dry.

Pies look like all same and sorry to say that but they look very cheap.


I met the owner whose name is Raul. I also know Sugar Room store and I purchased some items from there and I found owner kind of annoying.
if you try to ask something to him, he walks away. His attitute like, buy your stuff and get out.

I like the some of the baked goods at the Pink Icing store but owner should add more to his menu.


We really need a good bakery in the neighborhood so I’m really excited this place opened. The apple walnut pie is really good. Didn’t try the cupcakes but $3 for a small cupcake is really expensive!


I have a comment on the music, I would lve aplace to feel confortable, and has a mature ambiiance and please skip the hip hop trash music, how about some nice and decent for a change whereu can really understand the lyrics and enjoy the time you spend there and actually come back. Waiter are very mportantandpleasenotyoung people only nterested n text a friend or listen I pod, please


What about the people who don’t like jazz or classical music? There is no music that one can play that will satisfy every single person. Except show tunes, of course.

Lucky Lu

I stopped in for an iced coffee and a cupcake this weekend. I am happy to report that the coffee was good quality and I was very happy that it was served in a plant-based plastic cup. The cupcake selection was a bit threadbare Sunday afternoon, but the vanilla cupcake was delicious, just the right size for a snack and the frosting was really wonderful. The staff was friendly, and I agree a bit confused, but I contribute that to just getting started. As for atmosphere, perhaps a bit sterile, but far better than Starbucks. However, I must comment on the choice of music playing. Top 40 trashy pop is not the right selection for a cafe/bakery. If you want to cater to the local teenagers, then fine. Otherwise, choose something more neutral (jazz, classical) that is more conducive to siting down with a coffee and having a chat. I have often been turned off by the music selection in a cafe (generally due to teenage employee’s musical tastes) and have never gone back. Hope that doesn’t happen to this place. All in all, a very nice addition to the neighborhood. I wish them the best.


As I suspected, the address given in the introduction is incorrect. The cafe is located on the north side of Queens Boulevard at 44-13. The south side of QB uses even numbers.

Sweet Tooth

Lisa, I’ve had good luck with La Marjolaine Bakery:

As for Pink Icing, I stopped in yesterday for a cupcake. There wasn’t a huge selection, but I think that’s because it was the end of the day. The cake and icing where very light and airy, which I like—it’s a dessert, not a meal! I hope they do well.


Does anyone know if they have fresh breads? I’m dying to get a decent baguette in the neighborhood…


The place is NOT sterile; it’s warm and cozy. The staff are very nice and helpful. The cupcakes are yummy. Their prices are competitive and I look forward to trying one of those delish-looking cakes. Finally a decent Sunnyside bakery!!!

jeannette remak

SO GLAD to hear of the new bakery!!! We needed a good one around here
We will be in shortly!
Best of Luck

Jeannette and Shanghai


I tried it today. The storefront is really nice-looking, just the kind of thing I’d love to see more of on QB.

The interior is much cozier than it appears in this picture, which makes it look almost clinical. All the employees were extremely friendly, though occasionally confused.

I sampled the key lime pie (tart and delicious) and bought a chocolate cupcake, of which the cake part was some of the best I’ve ever tried—light and fluffy and just the right amount of sweet. The frosting flowers are also a lovely and distinctive touch. I bet they’ll do awesome birthday cakes. And they’re serving very good coffee, hot and iced.

Is it perfect? Of course not, and they’re still working out some first-day kinks. But it’s a wonderful spot, such a great addition to the neighborhood, and just the kind of place people who whine about pawn shops and 99 cent stores should go out and support. Let’s keep storefronts occupied and cute places like this in Sunnyside.


Went to the sugar room twice and he was so nasty. I asked him about the cake classes and he said to me, oh you won’t be interested, it’s over 2000 for the class what the?


It is open now! Key lime pie samples are delicious, and prices are reasonable! 🙂 Yum.


Is 44-12 the correct number? That would be on the south side of Queens Boulevard, in the same block as Wendy’s and the South Pole bargain store.


Good luck. I hope it improves Queens Boulevard which has fallen on some hard times.

Rick Duro

I have known Juan for almost 10yrs now and have had many of his cakes. Not only are they delicious, but, he is a true artist, the presentations are equally amazing.

Good luck Juan!!



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